Tucker Interviews US Ambassador to Germany After Hillary and Kerry Attack Syrian Children

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

Both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have come out against the 2015 migrant invasion as Angela Merkel is stepping down.

Shockingly, the US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, was allowed to go on the Tucker Carlson Show and talk about this situation Wednesday night.

There was comparison made between the 2015 Euro situation and that present American situation.

The Ambassador did the whole cuckservative routine of “this is about legal vs illegal immigration,” and once again gave the shocking number of 1 million people being given American citizenship every year.

I have of course argued that there does need to be a distinction between legal and illegal immigration, in that we need to recognize that in America, at least up until this point, legal immigration has been a much, much bigger problem than illegal immigration. Of course, that may change, because the Trump administration has had a good deal of success in scaling back legal immigration.

I don’t know if 1 million given citizenship is the current number. You can look that up yourself if you want, but I’ve tried to confirm it and there aren’t clear numbers. What is clear is that President Trump has successfully blocked a lot of so-called refugees, H1-B visa applicants and diversity lotto winners from entering the country over the last year.

And with this mounting border crisis, it could actually become the case that illegal immigration is a bigger problem than legal immigration. The clear plan is to do to us exactly what was done to Europe, and move millions of people from Latin America, mostly Central America (given that the majority of Mexicans who want to come here are already here), into the United States by marching them like an army through Mexico and over our border.

If this is successful, they will then begin marching people all the way from South America up.

And then maybe incidentally the cuckservatives will be right, and illegal immigration will be the main concern.

Previously, however, people have just rallied around illegal immigration because it is a way to say “I’m not racist, I support giving my entire country over to brown people through legal immigration.”

Furthermore, a lot working and middle class whites opposed to immigration are not really aware that the overwhelming majority of nonwhites flooding the country are actually legal immigrants. There has been a thing where they just assume that these people must be illegal, because it cannot be possible that the talking heads of Fox News would be supporting them.

President Trump and Tucker Carlson have done a good job bringing focus onto the problem of legal immigration, but it remains a fact that it is easier to stir-up public outrage against illegal immigration.

Shifting the Discussion

Tucker will always use the word “demographics,” which is obviously a euphemism for “race.”

But as we see with this Ambassador, this “legal vs illegal” dichotomy is still very much a talking point being used.

I would like to see the argument be instead for a complete shut down on all immigration, from everywhere. Trump talked in the campaign about Moslems specifically, then was eventually able to enact a form of his Moslem ban. It wasn’t a great form of it, but it was at least some form of it.

But the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of people coming in are nonwhite. The other fact of the matter is that we do not even need more white people in America. In general, we need fewer people, period. A skills-based immigration platform would appear to limit immigration to white people, but there are so many people in brown countries with credentials, given that brown countries have such lower education standards, that it is easy to slip them through a “skilled immigrants only” system.

Moreover, there are an increasing number of Chinese who actually would legitimately meet credential standards, in that they would be competent and self-sufficient. However, the Chinese are a plague, and if you allow them in they will buy up all of your property and take over your country.

China and India – both having huge legal immigrant populations in America – have bought up huge swaths of America, and these assets will need to be stripped from them at some point.

Furthermore, European populations are becoming rapidly brown, so even if you had a system to favor European passport holders, you would have a lot of brown people coming in.

Sometime in the future, I think we could establish a visa free system for first world white countries, assuming they don’t continue to give passports to hordes of nonwhites who are flooding their countries.

Whatever happens in the future, right now the rallying cry needs to be “shut it down.” We need to completely stop all people entering the country, point-blank, and focus on figuring out how to remove people who are already here.

If we could manage to outlaw birthright citizenship, then we could eventually get a ruling declaring that those who gained citizenship through that system were awarded their citizenship through fraud, and must have it revoked.

Then we would have to move to declare the entirety of the 1965 immigration act invalid, and start removing citizenship from those people, many of whom are from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as Latin America.

The fact of the matter is that we are going to hit an electoral wall in the not too distant future where it will simply be impossible for whites to win national elections, and at that point we are going to be without any clear options to create a white-dominated America through the ballot box, and will be forced into some kind of wartime scenario.

That isn’t to say that I believe that whites will rise up because of their own displacement – I do not think they will do that. We can look at South Africa and see that even when whites are being slaughtered, they will simply beg forgiveness and say they’re not racist. But in America, once brown people become the majority and control all national elections, they will bring a war to us.