Tucker Interviews Polish President on Eternal Anal Agenda

Poland would have a chance if they weren’t so obsessed with hating Russia.

Hopefully, these people start to get a grip, and realize that their “allies” in the West want to force them to have anal sex with men, to mutilate their children as part of a transsexual pedophile agenda, and to flood them with brown immigrants from everywhere.

Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed Hungary get somewhat more reasonable about some of this stuff regarding Russia.

But Poland and the Baltics just have these really serious daddy issues with mean old Papa Vodka that makes it impossible for them to think rationally about what it means to be allied with NATO.

But I’m glad to see Tucker reaching out.

His interview with Polish president Andrzej Duda follows his interview with Hungarian president Viktor Orban earlier this year.

I do agree that Eastern Europe has good Christian moral values, at least in comparison to the West.

I think if they banned porno in their countries, people would have a lot more respect for them. For many Westerners, their only knowledge of Eastern Europe is from whores they’ve seen in pornos. That doesn’t promote a good national image.

Tucker’s been doing a great job lately overall.