Tucker, I Don’t Think CHAZ is Funny, Bro

As you know, in Seattle, Antifa have seized control of the center of the city and are now claiming it is a new independent nation. The cops just let them do it. The Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington just let them do it. This is being called “The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or “CHAZ.”

Tucker did a segment about this entirely strange event on Friday, where he mocked them. It’s clear he didn’t write this segment, and he can’t write his entire show every day, so I’m not saying this is a big deal. But he made light of the situation. The clip is above, and you can watch it and have a laugh at how silly these people are, what with thinking they can just pour topsoil on grass and put seeds in it and quickly grow food to feed people with.

You can laugh at this sign that reserves a special racially segregated garden for blacks and their plant allies.

You can scoff at the hypocrisy of the “warlord” of the Antifa using guns and violence after kicking out the police.

However, owning the libs by joking around about how silly they are betrays the seriousness of what has just happened in Seattle.

Antifa took control of an entire part of the downtown, and the cops, on the orders of both the mayor and the governor, let them do it. This is going to start happening all over. This is the new movement now: removing police and letting our country be governed by gangs of thugs.

It’s definitely not a very friendly atmosphere and the blacks appear very gang-like, and appear to be cooperating efficiently with the Antifa. You can see all of that in this video of a man from a Christian news site being deported from the zone.

They are also allegedly running a protection racket, shaking down the businesses within the zone.

The media, of course, is giving them glowing reviews.

That is to say, these people who are destroying our civilization – just tearing it apart, piece by piece – are winning. They are winning hard. We understand that the reason they are winning is that the government is purposefully surrendering to them, probably primarily as a way to attack Donald Trump, or maybe they themselves believe in a world without cops, or maybe the whole thing is just spinning out of control and they don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing – but a very large piece of prime real estate in a major metropolitan city in the United States of America has just been seized by a gang and there is no plan by anyone to take it back. In fact, a path to taking it back is utterly inconceivable, as things stand right now. Taking it back would require police force. And we’re not using police force anymore, apparently.

What is conceivable, and what in fact now seems unavoidable, is that these activities in Seattle are going to be repeated across the country. Gangs of armed insurrectionists are just going to walk into areas and tell the cops they have to leave and declare themselves in charge. You don’t have to be a chessmaster to play that out a few steps ahead. We’re facing a scenario where gangs of black people run the streets of our cities.

Because despite the fact that this is an Antifa project, the “warlord” of CHAZ is black, and he’s a gangster rapper.

A world where the cops are removed and the streets are run by black gangs is a nightmare dystopia. Imagine Raz Simone telling you what to do. Telling your family members what to do. Telling your wife and mother and daughter what to do. And imagine that you have no choice, because he’s in control of the city, and he’s got the guns, and there are no cops in sight. But you know if you ever tried to take up arms against someone like Raz Simone, then all of a sudden, like out of thin air, the real cops would show up.

Because this is the deal: if you’re white and you try to go out in the middle of nowhere in Texas and have a religious community, the FBI will come and firebomb you and kill all your people, including children.

If you’re white and you just want to go live in the mountains with your family, the FBI will send in a sniper to kill your dog, your wife and your teenage son.

But if you’re black, you can walk in and take over.

And even the New York Post will give you a glowing review.

No, they’re not all black, and as you can see in this New York Post review, they’re being portrayed as hippies. But the only way they’re getting away with it is using the blacks, and if we go down this path of pulling out the cops, the blacks are going to be at the center of this, and it is going to be extremely ugly.

Like something out of Liberia.

I’ll tell you what is really incredible about this: the vision of the future we are being presented with by CHAZ is equally as horrible as the coronavirus dystopia, but so very different. These are two separate flashes of hell in a few short months.

There’s no way to know which way it is going to go, but there is no reason they can’t combine these two: there is no reason you can’t be locked in your house by the cops while the blacks take over cities and the cops do nothing to stop them.

At this point, there is simply no level of insanity that we cannot reach.

We should take it all very seriously.