Tucker, I Disagree – We Absolutely Should Abolish the Cops

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson again made the plea on his Fox News show that we not abolish the cops.

I completely disagree with this, and am in full agreement with the blacks and the Democrats that the time has come to abolish the cops. The cops are not doing anything to help anyone. They are not stopping the rioters. They are laying out bricks for the rioters to throw through white citizens’ windows.

Wait, wrong tweet (by the way I disagree about Cardy B’s tits and think they look great and not like bricks at all).

Here’s some more interesting information about cops and bricks.

There are bricks everywhere, and the cops aren’t talking about it, so the only actual explanation is that the cops are involved with the brick deposits.

Actually, some of the cops are talking about the bricks.

But there is no chance that this national agenda to place pallets of bricks in every city is not being done in cooperation with the cops.

Even if you don’t believe that, you have to admit that the cops are not stopping these riots, which can only be something they’re doing on purpose. The riots could be easily stopped using tear gas.

When the cops do go out to the riots, they just attack white people, such as this old man.

Long before these riots started, the cops decided to stop arresting criminals. They stopped enforcing all drug laws. They stopped responding to calls for help. They told people if they were robbed or had their car stolen, they would have to solve the situation themselves.

The only laws they were enforcing were domestic violence laws. Then when the coronavirus hoax came, they started beating people up on the streets for not wearing masks or for standing too close together.

The police are not only useless, they are dangerous.

I cannot think of any single defense for the continued existence of this organization. The people themselves can easily form civilian militias, as our Constitution orders us to do, and defend the people from threats. Civilian militias would have ended these riots with deadly force as soon as they started. Civilian militias would not allow drug dealers to operate on our streets, or drug addicts to lay out in public parks.

Civilian militias would clean up the streets and keep the people safe. They would defend freedom. They are much, much preferable to the fiendish cops. The cops are simply a hostile gang. They used to do some good, but they’ve pretty much completely stopped doing that.

However, it is clear that the Democrat agenda to defund the police is to simply create even more chaos. They do not have any desire to allow the people to form civilian militias, as lawlessness is specifically what they want. If people did start to form civilian militias to deal with the lack of police, the remainder of the police force would be sent in to shut down the civilian militias in order to enforce total chaos. So from that angle, I am able to agree with Tucker that abolishing the police is a bad idea.

However, in the purely theoretical, ideal sense, we should be able to acknowledge that an America without police, where the people were able to organize and defend the law as we are instructed to in the Constitution, would be a much safer and freer America.

This is one thing I hope we can all agree on:

The blacks fear this:

A lot more than they fear this: