Tucker Highlights the Differences Between China and New America

Tucker Carlson had a good segment this week on the similarities between China and the New America under the Virus Regime.

I do not personally agree with Tucker’s basic take on China, as I don’t think China is evil or that they’re plotting against America in the way that many suggest. Primarily, I am very concerned about China being a focus of energy, when we are in the middle of so many real crises in our own country.

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China has become a massive distraction, and we are now sacrificing the wellbeing of the American people to allegedly bring freedom to the Chinese. Right now, we have so very many problems, we cannot possibly be making sacrifices to help the Chinese have freedom even if this is exactly what is actually going on in real life.

I also don’t really buy the whole theory that people in China “don’t have freedom.” They absolutely have more freedom of speech than people in America, and they have more economic freedom in that they are able to start their own businesses and keep their own money.

They have also not been subjected to an insane virus lockdown hoax in the way we have. Suggesting that August 2020 America is more free than August 2020 China is frankly as insane as anything that would come out of the mouth of a rambling street schizophrenic.

All of that having been said: it is simply a matter of fact that the New America that is being created before our eyes shares more in common with China than with the Old America. China absolutely is an authoritarian state. That is a matter of fact, which no one can really dispute. The state has absolute authority, and you can’t question it.

(The punishments for doing so are exaggerated, they don’t actually torture you or execute you for questioning the government or whatever the shills claim, and you get a lot of warnings before you even get arrested, but it is nonetheless against the law to oppose the government.)

Tucker is right that we’ve forgotten the country we lived in 7 months ago.

America is now a country where you cannot question the government. The virus is now an excuse for any single action that the government wants to take against you, and you have no recourse. It is a brutal surveillance state. History is being erased as we are locked in our houses, unable to take issue with a radical agenda.

The most important thing in Tucker’s piece, however, was identifying the differences between China and New America:

In China they understand that countries in which the population is divided against itself, countries in which the population have nothing in common with one another, are weak countries. Over time, countries like that are doomed. So China emphatically rejects identity politics. It’s illegal there. Leaders in China don’t narrow-cast to tiny constituencies based on their quote “identity.” The idea is appalling to them. The Chinese focus instead on national identity. They don’t worship diversity, they promote unity. That’s why longterm, they believe they will win.

The Chinese also believe – and this is another striking difference – that their economy is worth saving. They didn’t destroy it with coronavirus quarantines… unlike the United States, China was a poor country until very recently, so they understand that poor countries are powerless, and they don’t want that. The Chinese care about themselves and their future. That is one thing we could actually learn from them, but we don’t seem to be.

You can criticize China’s policies all you want, but you cannot accuse their government of being at war against their own people.

The people of China allow their country to be authoritarian because they know that it isn’t trying to hurt them.

Our government is at war with our own people, and if they are becoming more like China, they are simply adopting tools to further hurt the people of this country.

We would be so lucky to have a government that is a reflection of the Chinese government.


Also from Tucker this week is a great video about Kanye West standing against abortion – something that virtually no one else is willing to do in this corrupt country.