Tucker Has Best Show Yet – Absolutely LIT Interview with Don Jr!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2018

Tucker came out swinging in his opening monologue.

It was absolutely beautiful.

The topics Tucker addressed:

  • Attacks on the 1st Amendment by the left
  • The SPLC is working with PayPal to silence everyone who questions anything
  • Dems plan to take away weapons
  • “Green Agenda” a cover for anti-natal, anti-American agenda
  • A few years away from “Commissars” taking reparations from Americans

Then it got even better. He brought Don Jr. on. He was on point.

  • Don Jr. and speaking out against censorship on social media
  • #WokeCapitalism and the alliance of big corporations with the Judeo-Left
  • The entire media class is left-wing
  • The Republican party doesn’t stand up for their own voters or care about free speech
  • “You can fight back and win”
  • People who push the “it’s the free market” line are shills for big business

The takedown of the crazy rando leftist du jour followed.

This Jew got absolutely BTFO’d:

  • Tucker asks him why he is promoting wage-slavery
  • He is anti-family and whether he gets paid to promote corporate propaganda
  • Tucker is pro-children, the Jew is not
  • Liberals are corporate cucks
  • Tucker asks why the left is anti-family, but also for mass migration of brown children into America

Then it gets better still.

Tucker starts talking about Marco Rubio’s sick tweet about Ghadafi to Maduro.

A reminder:

Tucker explains how:

  • Ghadafi did a better job running Libya than the Jihadis running it now
  • Mass slave markets
  • Ghadafi protected Europe from mass migration. 
  • American troops will never leave Venezuela

I could go on. Every topic was covered:

  • The latest leftist triggering
  • Another MAGA attack
  • Tranny insanity in sports

Tucker’s show is almost perfect. It is essentially the “America First” show. Let this be a lesson to the people who say, “it can’t be done.”

It can be done.

The reason why it wasn’t ever done before Tucker was because everyone before Tucker was a complete and utter sellout shill.

Furthermore, I am now convinced that Donald Trump is not the Trump that was promised.

It was clearly Don Jr. Just look, he’s got a beard now.

He should primary his father in 2020.