Tucker Goes Ballistic on the Black Oppression Race Hoax

Tucker Carlson was on full-blast last night. This was an historical 15 minutes, in the midst of this historical moment of monumental import.

He called out the kneeling negro-worshipers, which I called out yesterday.

He then went through all of the TEN (10) black deaths at the hands of police last year that these people are calling “a genocide.” It turns out that ten people is not the definition of a genocide. It also turns out that all ten deserved it, and the police had no choice.

What this promotion of the idea that black people are being oppressed and genocided demonstrates is that the overwhelming majority of people do not care about facts or reality and will form their beliefs about issues based on emotions. Emotions are primarily the result of media spectacle.

So basically, the entire agenda of promoting facts as a response to what is going on in this country is a fool’s errand. It is, in the end, a complete waste of time. Anyone who cares about facts is going to find the facts themselves. The facts are all out there. Tucker pulled the cop shooting stats from WaPo.

But they’re not looking at the facts. Instead, people across the entire White Western World are promoting this hoax. People on the streets of Amsterdam and Madrid are marching in solidarity with George Floyd and talking about a black genocide – based on absolutely nothing other than media hysteria, the masses of people believe this.

The fact that retards are running around talking about a “black genocide” proves that democracy has failed. The basic premise of democracy is that the people are rational actors that are capable of coming to logical conclusions about what is going on in the country, and this has been proven to be one of the stupidest and most malicious lies of all time. The people are not capable of figuring out what is going on. They have to be led. And they will be led. If there is no leader, they will be led by the television. Because human beings are social creatures and they are pack animals, primarily. Man is not primarily logical. That is a lie.

I will say: I disagree with Tucker that we shouldn’t abolish the police. I absolutely think we should abolish the police. They should be replaced with militias. Militias would defend the people. The police do nothing but harass people on the streets for not wearing masks or standing too close together, and then completely refuse to defend the people when the blacks come to burn everything down.

This country would absolutely be a better place without the police, who do not do anything but harm our people. Everyone at this point knows not to call the cops if a crime is committed against them, because the police will virtually never do anything. They will tell you it’s your problem. They are nothing more than a gang of hired thugs, serving our corrupt elite, and that has never been more obvious than it is as we watch them stand down and refuse to stop these rioters and looters.

A country where the law is enforced by volunteer militias would not be a country where the blacks run wild, it would not be a country where Antifa are allowed to harass and attack people for supporting right-wing causes. It would be a country where black looters and Antifa who attack people on the streets get shot in the head and it’s up to their families to claim their bodies before they get unceremoniously dumped in a landfill.

An America without police would be one where the people have freedom and justice.