Tucker Finally Addresses the Elephant in the Room: The Mob is Going to Start Killing People

I knew it was coming and I told you it was coming but it has happened: with some subtlety, Tucker Carlson has addressed the fact that this mob that is running through the streets tearing down statues and attacking cars on the road is going to start killing people at some point.

Rather than just come right out with it himself, Tucker had a guest on, Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford, to mention casually and with gravity that the destruction of statues is “always followed by people.”

“Every time in history, Tucker, that we’ve seen statues taken down, from ancient Rome to France where they started with symbols like a large empty prison, and then they started attacking churches, and it goes from there,” Bedford said. He mentioned that the American mob is currently lynching these statues in effigy.

He was referring to an event last month in Raleigh, North Carolina, where a Confederate statue was torn down in the normal way with ropes, and then a pack of fat white women dragged it through the streets.

It was eventually hanged from a post by the out of shape millennial men who were presumably trying to get laid by impressing these vile harpies on a bloodlust.

“Revolutionaries and mobs that go after the symbols of a civilization never just want to stop at a symbol. They’re not just angry at a statue. They’re angry at what it represents. … They will not stop until the real blood is spilled in a targeted way,” Bedford continued.

Tucker and the journalist then talked about Nancy Pelosi’s recent flippant manner when asked about the violent mobs ripping down statues in the streets.

“I don’t really care about the statues,” Pelosi said, adding: “People will do what they do.”

“A society that stops building monuments doesn’t believe in itself anymore, and a society like ours led by people like Pelosi, who actively cheer or watch as they’re torn down, that society’s on its death watch,” Bedford concluded.

This was the big introduction. You can’t just come out full-on blazing with, “if these people get into power, they’re going to come to your house and kill you.” At least you can’t do it on national TV. I do it here, but I do it so that journalists and others who have a more prominent role in talking to the masses of people directly can have their own spells broken, and have the logic and reasoning behind the claim laid out for them, so they can process it and then inform the masses. (The Daily Stormer has basically become an industry publication at this point – regrettably. Nah, I kid. Whatever. You guys are great. Stop posting racist shit on forums with accounts linked to your real names.)

People who read this site have been saying, “yeah but that’s crazy,” and I’ve replied, “of course it is, but where is what I’m saying wrong? Would you deny that this is obviously where this is going, what with the raging mob and the abolishing of the police? They are going to start killing us.”

No one can deny it. They just go into denial when you tell them, because they’re sitting in their comfortable rooms eating snacks and playing Call of Duty: Warzone, and they got two solo wins this week, and they cannot imagine a mob of blacks with howling white women in the background kicking in their front door and torturing them to death. It’s difficult to wrap your head around, but it is going to happen and no one can come up with an argument saying it won’t.

Slowly, Tucker is going to have to introduce this fact. He already started. It was vague and impersonal, but he started the process of getting people accustomed to the fact that a Biden victory means that people are going to be slaughtered on a mass scale, like in South Africa, but probably much quicker and much more aggressively.

Tucker also hinted at the situation in his monologue. Discussing Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” he said the book is “the kind of wild-eyed hate propaganda you push just before you decide to really start hurting people. It is preemptive justification for abuse.”

People are going to have to face this fact of the coming brutal slaughter and recognize the stakes involved in this election, and they’re going to have to figure something out and do it, because we have to at least slow this down. I am certain that Tucker will run in 2024, but even if he loses, or gets murdered, we are going to be in a better position in 4 years when everyone knows that these people are planning to kill us all. We’ll be ready for it psychologically. We can get more of our people in positions in local governments that will be able to build strongholds with sheriffs and deputies protecting the people, and many of us will be able to move outside of the cities.

Basically, this election is the most important thing that has ever happened in the history of human civilization.