Tucker Endorses the Rushmore Doctrine

On Monday, Tucker Carlson declared that Donald Trump’s Friday speech at Mount Rushmore, what I have declared is the “Rushmore Doctrine,” was the greatest speech in modern political history.

I knew he was going to say that. Because the speech was based on his show.

Tucker played some of the best clips from the speech, then he played some of the most insane clips attacking Trump for visiting the monument and giving this speech.

These Jews are actually trying to destroy America, openly now, and they have millions of brown people and white women behind them, supporting a program to just literally destroy everything completely. If they win in November, that is what they are going to do.

Perhaps more importantly to you as an individual person, they are also planning to kill you as an individual person. They have made it clear that they think you are evil because you are white and not ashamed enough of being white, you voted for Donald Trump, you wave an American flag and pray to a white Jesus.

Now, they are building a case for why you deserve to die. When Joe Biden takes over the government, a vigilante mob is going to hunt you down and kill you. The police will do nothing to stop them. After you are dead, your murder will not be investigated. There will be no justice. Instead, people will go on TV and say that you deserved it.

These are the stakes right now. I know that you don’t fully understand this yet, it is difficult to wrap your head around, and that is why Tucker Carlson hasn’t started harping on it just yet. But at some point before the election, he will have to begin saying it, because people have to understand just how serious this is and just how little it has to do with Donald Trump as a man or even as a president.

We need to figure out a way to get him reelected and we need to do it quickly. After the death begins to come, and the speech laws are passed, and everything comes unglued completely, we’re not going to be able to organize anything. We’re just going to be locked down hoping the blacks don’t come and murder us.

Right now is this surreal period of calm before the storm, and we have to use that time to either prevent the storm or prepare for the storm.