Tucker Destroys Ted Cruz’s Life

Watch the clip.

This is historic.

Tucker Carlson just destroyed Ted Cruz’s career.

After calling every person who protested the election fraud a terrorist, the squirming worm Cruz, who believes the fact he has a beard can cover the fact that his face has the consistency of Amish bread, claimed that he calls everyone who attacks a cop a “terrorist.”

“I just don’t believe you,” Tucker said.

“A person who attacks a cop is not a terrorist, he’s a person who attacked a cop.”

Cruz is worse than Vaxy Don, really.

The Republicans are worse than the Democrats at this point.

Don’t vote.

My message to Bread Cruz:

Black people are right about the cops.

If it were not for the willingness of these rat scum garbage badge niggers to enforce anything the government says, nothing that is happening now would be happening.

I’m going to fully rewrite the lyrics to NWA’s “Fuck tha Police” and make it about anti-vaxers.

These people are the bottom of the barrel garbage.

Ted Cruz trying to flip this shit like “oh, I just hate niggers who hurt cops.”

(Obviously, he didn’t say “nigger,” because he’s much too polite of a faggot. But he might as well have said it. He made direct reference to BLM riots, then said the people on January 6 were like them, therefore – terrorism.)

Okay, Ted.

Well, I hate you.

No nigger ever locked me in my house. No nigger ever destroyed my economy by closing local businesses. No nigger has ever forced me to wear a mask. No nigger has ever tried to vax my kids.

No nigger ever did me like you done did me, Ted.

It’s clear at this point:

Black people are right about the cops.

I’m voting Gucci Mane 2024.

Gucci cares about the economy, he cares about families, and he cares about solving the police problem.

He doesn’t go around wearing a mask like a faggot. Cops don’t tell him to wear a mask because they’re afraid they’ll get blasted on.

We need to get rid of the cops and go back to a system of duels and just rampant violence. We tried the cop thing. They masked us and vaxed us.

Time to give the black system a try, where only the strong survive.

We don’t have any choice.

I do not respect law enforcement.

Ray Epps is law enforcement.

Tucker can’t hit them all, but it would have been beautiful if he’d have said: “well, Ray Epps is clearly law enforcement, do you respect him, Mr. Ted?”

Gucci doesn’t.

It’s time to give nigger crack gangs a chance to run America.