Tucker: Democrats Defeated, Humiliated

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

Tucker Carlson has celebrated the end of the impeachment fiasco by declaring that the Democrats are defeated and humiliated.

I’m not really sure if that’s true.

The two Jews, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff, looked stupid. But I don’t think that the Jews ever believed that this impeachment hoax would do anything other than what it did, which was create a media fiasco.

Maybe the media thought this impeachment meant something, I don’t know, but I doubt it.

Not even the hysterical cat ladies who cheered the Mueller Hoax were following this impeachment. The ratings were horrible.

Basically, I don’t think there was ever a plan to beat Trump in 2020. I think the plan has always been to let him win and continue to attack him as the evil representation of all white people, and then use his evil white behavior as president to push through an insane agenda in 2024.

Because in 2024, the demographics of the electorate are going to be such that a Republican cannot win national office. And they can literally just do whatever the hell they want.

The fear of Donald Trump was the fear that he would do something to change the demographic shift. But he has not done that. And he isn’t going to do that. So we are looking at a Democrat future, regardless.

Tucker himself might run in 2024, and that will be our only chance at salvation. If he is able to present a mix of left and right populism, he might be able to beat whatever corporate candidate the Democrats put up by siphoning white leftist votes.

But a lot of boomers will be dead by 2024, and the numbers are just going to be very hard to get together, even if Tucker is the nominee and is able to pull the student loans crowd.

It will be interesting to watch, but we’re basically doomed.