Tucker Declares the Russia Hoax Finally Dead Forever After Humiliating Nursing Home Meltdown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

Tucker Carlson ripped apart the Russia Hoax Wednesday night after the senile old coot Robert Mueller’s sad and embarrassing testimony.

He went through and said the obvious facts about how obviously senile this greasy sonovabitch is, and how the Democrats planned to use him for their sickening agenda, but now can’t really because he was just so completely fucked up. He didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was, which as you all know is the company that put together #pissgate and started this whole thing, meaning he literally knew absolutely nothing about the investigation.

Tucker went on to play clips of the liberal Jewish media moaning over the “disaster” that was this six-hour “nursing home true stories” event.

It was shocking even for me to see that while I spent years studying every bend and turn of this stupid hoax, Mueller was in a chair somewhere drinking Metamucil and watching daytime television.

And remember, I already knew Mueller was senile from his first mumbling, nodding, incoherent appearance in front of the press back in May. Everyone is saying it now, but I was the first.

You always read it here first, folks.

Tucker’s final words of his monologue were extremely powerful:

At the very least, we now know the truth about Robert Mueller, a mysterious prosecutor with unchecked power, revealed at last to be a daft old man blinking in the sunlight once his curtain was torn away. It was a sad coda to the long and ridiculous Russia saga. An absurd story for certain, but not a harmless story, hardly. This years-long charade deeply hurt our country. It corrupted our most sacred institutions, it divided our people.

But worst of all, it distracted all of us from our real problems, which are legion. Get in the car tomorrow morning and drive five hours in any direction in this country. Stop frequently. Look around. How’s America doing, do you think? Now remember that all the sadness you just saw on your drive – the drug zombies, the homeless people, the payday loan places, the boarded up buildings, all the slow motion disasters unfolding unmistakably around us – all of that has been completely ignored for years, all in favor of some stupid story about Russian spies that never even made sense and didn’t even happen. Our ruling class did that. They did that to you as a distraction. They do not deserve to rule, that much is clear.

It is time for Tucker to RULE.

No one else in this sickening and depraved country is qualified.

My only hope is that Trump can keep the country from collapsing in on itself until 2024.