Tucker Carlson’s Wonderful Speech at America Fest

Over the weekend, Tucker Carlson appeared at Charlie Kirk’s America Fest (AmFest), not to be confused with America First (AF). Or maybe it is meant to be confused. I don’t know.

Tucker starts at 35:00.

I assume no one wants to watch Charlie. But I will say – he is a lot better than in the Groyper Wars days.

Maybe he’s a total cynic and just saw the way the winds were blowing, or maybe he saw a light on the road to Damascus. For practical reasons, at this point in history, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that he’s apparently completely dumped all of that libertarian garbage, and is now just reading from the Groyper script.

Tucker, who rarely gives speeches, is fantastic. It’s nothing new, but it’s presented in a totally different way than it is on his show, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

I highly recommend it. It’s just fourty minutes.

Yes, Kirk is borrowing heavily from Fuentes’ brand, but as long as he keeps it real, that’s a good thing. He’s never going to beat Nick on charisma, wit, or anything else, so having him spread the same message, or at least parts of the message, is good for us.

This wouldn’t be allowed at CPAC. For giving the speech Tucker gave, he would have been dragged out of CPAC, no differently than Nick or Owen Shroyer.

We’re not on the brink of a revolution. Don’t get those ideas. But as the effects of the vax manifest, and the vision of the future we want clarifies, we’re going to get closer to the brink of a revolution.

The people who are running this country are not competent, and the people on our side are showing themselves to be more and more competent.

At some point, Charlie is going to have to either apologize for those things he said about anal sex with men and the promotion of Israel as the fundamental duty of the United States. There’s no rush, but he is going to have to apologize for that.

People change and they should be allowed to change.


I’m anti-AA.

But some of the things they say are just obviously good and true.

And a man must make amends to the people he’s hurt in order to be redeemed.

By promoting gay sex and Israel, Charlie Kirk hurt the conservative and right wing movement, he hurt America, he hurt real people by deceiving them with satanic lies. And he needs to make amends. When he’s ready.

Or, he can just go heck off and adopt black kids and write for the National Review.

Anyway, my main thing here was: Tucker’s speech is great, and it will inspire you and make you happy.