Tucker Carlson’s Trove of Hunter Biden Documents Stolen in the Mail

Tucker Carlson explained on Wednesday night that the shipping company – probably FedEx – that was hired to ship him a trove of documents related to Hunter Biden was lost in the mail.

Apparently, the package itself wasn’t lost, but it was opened, and the documents themselves were pulled out.

This is actually kind of amazing. I don’t think Tucker is making this up. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before.

The Hunter Biden story seems to have stagnated. No one in the right-wing media appears to be able to put together a cohesive narrative about what the files from the laptop actually mean.

Meanwhile, on /pol/ and elsewhere, people are spreading stupid stories about the sex footage that was released by Steve Bannon and his weird group of Chinamen. They keep promoting obvious hoaxes, such as that Hunter Biden is pictured having sex with his own sister, his niece, or Barack Obama’s daughters. These claims are obviously false from the footage.

Apparently, people were really excited that there would be damning sex videos on the laptop, and when none emerged, and it was all just photos of Hunter having sex with adults, presumably prostitutes, the believers decided to start making up fantasy stories about the video and photos we can all see.

This having been said, it is very obvious from what we do have already that Hunter was running a pay-to-play scheme, wherein he was given jobs in foreign countries so that the people who were paying him could get access to his father, who could use his position in government to help them. The most extreme and fully documented case is the case of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that Hunter Biden was placed on the board of. Hunter introduced executives at the company to his father, and Joe later threatened the Ukrainian government that he would withhold $1 billion in US aid if a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma for crimes was not fired.

Joe Biden is on tape bragging about doing this.

This single situation should be enough to disqualify Biden. You can’t have a president who is selling the influence of his office for personal gain. But the right-wing media can’t seem to get their story straight and present a cohesive narrative about this.

Instead, we’re mainly hearing a meta-narrative about the laptop, which has to do with tech censorship. The heads of all the major tech companies have been summoned to appear before the Senate and explain why they blocked a story from the New York Post about the laptop.

That is going well.

And that’s a good upshot. These tech people have to be punished, we have to get free speech on the internet.

But it does feel like a big loss that the media is not taking better advantage of the scandals found on Hunter’s laptop. Maybe Tucker had all of the information all tied together in his missing package.

This is why you should never use the physical mail.

All this having been said: Trump is still going to win.