Tucker Carlson’s Bit on Washington’s Plan for War with Russia is the Best News Segment Ever

Tucker Carlson’s opening segment on the Washington push for war with Russia on Tuesday was fantastic.

He played all the hits.

I of course don’t appreciate the jabs at China, as I don’t think conflict with China makes any more sense than conflict with Russia.

But it was really great to see Tucker go through all of the stuff that I talked about during the 2014 coup in the Ukraine. He actually played the Victoria Nuland tape, which I spent all of 2014-15 spamming. The Ukraine is not a “democracy,” it is a puppet government installed by the US State Department after a color revolution coup. That’s a very relevant fact.

Then he actually said that the fact that Russia is a Christian nation is probably why Washington wants to wipe them out. He even did the Brandon “you don’t have a soul” bit. I love that so much.

CNN did a bit yesterday with three Jews analyzing Putin’s lack of a soul.

All three Jews – I think all Jews of Russian origin, no less!

Dog in this fight???

Tucker played a clip of Adam Schiff – another Russian Jew! – and said “Adam Schiff of course…” and then paused for a second. I thought for sure I was going to hear “has an ancient ethnic blood hatred for the Russian people” (but he just said “is a dumb person”).

Every bit of Tucker’s thing is good and you should really watch it. It’s the first 15 minutes of the video at the top.

I think this is one of the most important TV news segments I’ve ever seen. He is speaking to the conservatives of America who have in general just supported any war for any reason since Vietnam.

He came pretty close to saying “this is a Jewish conspiracy to create a global government.”

There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing everything I’ve been saying on the most popular cable news show in history.

Brandon had a “virtual meeting” with Putin this week. That is of course a joke. Joe Biden is senile. The top highlight was when he couldn’t figure out how to turn his mic on.

I was really glad to see Tucker hit all of the Republicans supporting this. If these people actually do win the Congress in 2022, what exactly is going to be the difference?

What do these people even disagree with Joe Biden about? The degree of CRT in schools? The age that a child should be able to become a tranny?

Tucker Carlson is better at defending Russia than Vladimir Putin is, I will tell you that.