Tucker Carlson: Where’s the Justice Department?

Tucker Carlson did a fantastic opening segment on Monday covering the violence that we saw over the weekend in cities such as Seattle and Portland.

He covered the point that up until now I’ve been the only person to cover the fact that the Justice Department is refusing to bring any charges on the people engaging in this mob violence (timestamp: 8:10).

“Where is the Justice Department in all of this? Don’t we have an attorney general? Isn’t he supposed to be conservative?”, Tucker asked. “Why are we allowing this?”

Tucker then noted that over the weekend, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, the man who sent the feds into Portland to fight the mob, had his home visited by a threatening group. He suggested that maybe the Justice Department is afraid of the mob.

I don’t really buy this theory. These riots could be shut down so very easily by the Justice Department. These rioters are not brave. They are doing this because there are no consequences. If you create consequences, they will go home. Just make a public display of even ten of them getting charged with assaulting a federal officer, and the whole thing will just fold.

What’s more: these people have to know that there is nowhere to run. They have to know that if we lose this election, they are coming for all of us. They are coming for every single Republican in the government. They are coming for Tucker Carlson. Seriously – he’s going to have to flee the country to avoid getting hit with “hate speech” charges.

The only logical conclusion I have been able to come to here is that Attorney General William Barr is actively working against Donald Trump, on purpose.

I don’t think it’s because he’s made some kind of deal for protection. I think it is more likely that this guy was bad news from the beginning. He still hasn’t explained what happened to Jeffrey Epstein on his watch. He endorsed the suicide theory without ever explaining it. Then you have the very strange coincidence that his own father, Donald Barr (who is Jewish, for anyone who is keeping track of such things), was the headmaster of the Dalton school in Manhattan at the same time Epstein worked there in the 1970s, and may in fact have hired him (The New York Times reports that it is “unclear” who hired him). While working at the school, Donald Barr also wrote a science fiction book about trafficking sex slaves in outer space entitled “Space Relations,” which appears to have featured a lot of Illuminati-type symbolism.

Maybe that’s all irrelevant though – who the hell knows. I’m certainly not one to endorse conspiracy theories. All we actually know is that the man is openly and outright refusing to prosecute the scum that is tearing down our country, and is severely hurting Donald Trump’s chances for reelection by making this decision. Donald Trump managed to figure out a way to send federal cops into Portland to fight the mob, but that’s all they can do. These people are from Homeland Security – they do not have the ability to charge anyone with a crime, and thus far, Barr has simply said “nope.”

So, it’s the Endless Battle. The feds fight the Antifa, then they go to sleep and get up and do it again the next day.

The Justice Department announced this week that they will be pressing charges.

Washington Examiner:

Federal law enforcement in Portland has arrested 74 people and charged 60 of them with federal crimes for actions they allegedly took against federal police and facilities in the Oregon city, according to the Justice Department.

DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec announced Monday afternoon that U.S. attorneys have also arrested 236 people and charged 238 nationwide in cases related to “violent opportunists” and “civil unrest.”

This comes after a few charges were announced on Friday by the Department, which seemed to have no effect on the way the federal officers in Portland were acting. Over the weekend, they “briefly detained” people at a camp set up for the siege outside the federal building in Portland after finding a cache of weapons.

We’ll see where that goes, but I do not expect the charges to be severe enough for it to actually make much of a difference. They need shock and awe. These people should be rounded up, everyone who is seen committing a crime should be charged with committing a crime. Arresting a few people here and there and then pushing their court dates out to whenever the hell (after the election) means basically nothing.

We know how this works.

The Antifa who rioted in 2016 at Donald Trump’s inauguration and had their court dates pushed back and back and back eventually had all charges dropped.

Barr has been so blatant and purposeful in his refusal to bring charges that it’s hard to believe that with me being one of the only members of the American citizenry complaining about this, he would all of a sudden up and decide to fix the situation. He could have made arrests and pressed charges at any time if he’d wished, and completely shut down the riots. Because these people will not riot if they know there are consequences.

Who knows what happened. Maybe Trump forced him.