Tucker Carlson Under Fire for 30-Year-Old College Humor

Tucker Carlson, it has been discovered, included in his yearbook support for Dan White, the man who shot and killed San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk, California’s first openly gay elected official, in 1978.

White was an elected member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and he just couldn’t take that gay stuff anymore and lost his marbles. He was convicted only of manslaughter, because people were sympathetic, and he only served 5 years of a 7 year sentence. He killed himself in 1985, less than two years after having been paroled.

In his Trinity College yearbook, Tucker listed himself as a member of the “Dan White Society,” which was obviously just an edgy joke. There is not and never was a “Dan White Society.” This is an edgy joke.

According to The Wrap, which broke this breaking 1991 yearbook news, Tucker also listed himself as a member of the Jesse Helms Foundation. That presumably actually existed in 1991. Helms was a conservative Senator from North Carolina who was known for opposing integration and homosexualism. He was a sitting Senator until 2003, so supporting him in 1991 was not some outrageous act. His positions were pretty normal up until relatively recently. Helms died in 2008.

Presumably, someone has had Tucker Carlson’s yearbook for a long time. It would certainly not be something that was very difficult to get ahold of. Most schools keep copies of their yearbooks as public record, and if for some reason that isn’t the case, it wouldn’t be difficult to find someone who was in Tucker’s class that year.

Clearly, the reason this yearbook is popping up now is that the recent attacks on Tucker were coming from the Anti-Defamation League, and it looked very bad to have the most recent attack say “Jews demand Tucker be fired for secretly being an anti-Semite.”

Now, with the whole media posting this yearbook information, the ADL is not the most recent attacker.

The Jesse Helms thing on its own would not really be shocking to anyone, but the Dan White thing was obviously intended to be shocking at the time. Claiming to be a member of the “Dan White Society” is something that would have been offensive in 1991, but which also would have been recognized as an edgy joke intended to get a rise out of people. In 1991, liberals were significantly less risible, and would have been likely to laugh it off.

Is this enough to get Tucker Carlson fired? No, I don’t think so. Not unless they were already ready to fire him at the behest of the ADL, and were just waiting for some other reason to pop up. That’s possible. However, Fox News has really committed a lot, financially, to Tucker Carlson, and it’s not even clear that the network could survive without him. If they fire him, everyone who watched him is going to boycott the network, which would mean they would probably slide into being non-viable as an entity. The news website could stay up, and of course the other News Corp properties such as the New York Post could remain, but the Fox News television station probably could not continue to exist as it currently does without Tucker.

Certainly, Jews have destroyed bigger things than Fox News. In fact, Jews have destroyed Western civilization itself. So it’s possible this will be the beginning of a series of events that ends with him being fired.

The good news is, Tucker is no Donald Trump, and he would figure out a way to get a streaming website up pretty quick. In fact, I’m certain he’s already prepared for this eventuality. Despite what the flailing failure of Parler might imply, it is not impossible to run a website, currently. It is very difficult. But it isn’t impossible.

Tucker will be okay, up until a lone nut shows up in his front yard.