Tucker Carlson THROWS ACID in the Face of Jorge Ramos Leaving Him PERMANENTLY MUTILATED

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

Jorge Ramos is such a snake.

He won’t even have a conversation.

He just spouts the same talking points in response to any question.

His argument is that if you stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant, or eat fruits or live in a house, you are enabling illegal immigrants, and thus you have no moral right to support the building of a wall.

He even mentions the Hymiewood film “A Day Without Mexicans” to support his argument that if Mexicans left, the whole system would collapse.

Meanwhile, in actual reality, there are as many unemployed or underemployed Americans as there are illegal immigrants. And many of the jobs that are done right now are being done to support the illegals themselves. They have to eat and live in houses as well.

Big points to Tucker Carlson for mentioning that the American taxpayer paid for Israel’s wall. I would say big points for even mentioning Israel’s wall, but one of the many things you have to give Trump credit for – regardless of where he is now – is that he made the fact that Israel has a wall a mainstream talking point.

Which created serious problems for the “Jews against Trump” movement.


#WeveSeenThisBefore is a good hashtag against the Jews.

At some point, you really gotta wonder if it’s really everyone’s fault but their’s.

I mean, a guy tells you “I got kicked out of the bar last night for no reason,” and you say “oh yeah? that sucks.”

But a guy tells you “I got kicked out of 60 bars last night for no reason,” you start to wonder if maybe there actually was a reason.

Btw, Trump is still saying he’s going to build the wall.

It’s at the beginning of the Tucker clip.

Who knows.

At least meme magic worked on CNN.