Tucker Carlson Strikes Back Against Vile Anti-White Hog Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn Borysenko: The bloated new face of the anti-white conservative movement

Some of you may have been following the Saga of the Hog Master Karlyn Borysenko.

If you haven’t been following it, let me bullet point it for you:

  • Borysenko is somehow associated with YouTube Channel PragerU (often stylized “PragerJew,” as it is run by the Jews)
  • She came out against “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) with some YouTube videos saying it was bad
  • She saw a bunch of people saying that CRT is “anti-white,” given that it preaches against white people explicitly
  • Borysenko went completely apeshit, claiming that no one should ever talk about anything being “anti-white,” even when it is obviously and virulently anti-white
  • She is apparently saying that if people say something is anti-white, then that means that they will become pro-white, and in her mind, there is no distinction between being pro-white and being a “white supremacist”
  • I don’t really think there is any such thing as a “white supremacist,” but even if there was – who cares? What does that have to do with anything and why would you be worried about that when you are literally under assault from people who hate you because you’re white?
  • Borysenko is refusing to explain how CRT, which is literally a doctrine that is about hating white people, is not “anti-white”
  • She is also refusing to explain why being pro-white is the same thing as being a “white supremacist,” or why it matters if someone is a “white supremacist”
  • Her Twitter timeline is now 100% filled with anti-white hatred, despite the fact that she claims to be a “conservative”

Her original video attacking white people was posted a week ago. I just went and checked her Twitter feed and it is still nothing but anti-white hatred.

She’s even on some #gamergate-tier shit now, talking about how she’s getting doxed by racists.

Speaking of going full #gamergate…

She accused Nick Fuentes of being gay, because she is fat and ugly and the only way a woman can insult a man is to try to undermine his masculinity.

Perhaps most egregiously, she also falsely claimed that she did not block out the sun with her fat pig body.

I don’t know if this cow is Jewish or what, but it’s clear that her whole operation is about getting money from Jews so she can buy more food to stuff down her obscene face-hole.

This situation isn’t really very important in terms of this particular disgusting sow, who is irrelevant. But it is important in the larger scheme of things, as this is obviously going to be the Jew-con response to mounting anti-white hatred coming from the left: “it’s not anti-white and even if it is obviously anti-white, you can’t say it’s anti-white because that would make you pro-white and that’s evil.”

They’ve got themselves in quite a pickle where they have to try to explain why it is that when you are attacked for being white, you are not allowed to defend yourself on the basis of being white. There is no logical explanation, so all they can do is try to further race-shame you – therefore, Borysenko ends up being as anti-white as the CRT promoters she’s allegedly against.

However, Thursday featured bad news for the Jew-cons and their anti-white agenda: The Big Man himself, Tucker Carlson, did a segment on CRT, wherein he explicitly defined it as “ANTI-WHITE.”

He had a big old banner that read: “ANTI-WHITE MANIA.”

He didn’t name Borysenko or her cadres that are pushing the anti-white agenda under the guise of an anti-CRT agenda, but he made it clear that he is taking a hard line, and is defining CRT as definitively anti-white.

This is very similar to what he did when Charlie Kirk was saying “staple green cards to diplomas.” He didn’t say Kirk’s name, but instead just pointed out that someone was saying that, and noted his disagreement with it.

So, for anyone who is facing off against these Jew-cons who are pushing the insane claim that CRT is not open and virulent anti-white hatred: save that Tucker clip, save the screenshot, and just spam it at these people. Make them denounce Tucker Carlson as a white supremacist. They will then lose whatever remaining standing they have, and make it clear that they are firmly aligned with Brian Stelter and the rest of the foaming-at-the-mouth leftist extremists.