Tucker Carlson Spying Scandal: Liberals Attack WikiLeaks, Defend NSA Spying

So, WikiLeaks defended Tucker Carlson, who is being spied on by the NSA.

As you would have predicted, six million liberals came out and denounced them for it, defending the NSA spying on Tucker.

Modern liberals literally support the NSA spying on opposition journalists.

All they care about is anal sex.

They hate freedom.

A couple of Republicans defended Tucker.

The New York City Police Chief called for Republicans to DO SOMETHING.

Of course, Republicans won’t do anything.

People like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy think they’ve made some kind of deal with the Democrats. They apparently believe they won’t be completely purged.

Obviously, they’re stupid, as if they had any idea of the history of these kinds of revolutions, they would know that they’re going to get purged, regardless of whatever deal they think they’ve made.

But if they weren’t stupid, they wouldn’t be in their jobs in the first place.

No one is going to do anything about spying on Tucker, just like no one is going to do anything about the FBI running the fake “insurrection” on 1/6, or Nick Fuentes being put on the no-fly list.

The entire Republican Party is a sham, which is why Trump’s new platform of “just vote for the Republicans” is so retarded.