Tucker Carlson Remorselessly PULLS OUT THE TEETH of Gook Open Borders Activist with RUSTY PLIERS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

Tucker Carlson was on the TOP of his GAME yesterday when he viciously brutalized a gook May Day immigration protest activist called Steve Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition.

Tucker Carlson is not afraid to attack leftists with arguments that were traditionally used by the left, and that is why his power level is so high.

He doesn’t follow free market open borders globalism like his predecessor Bill ORLY did. ORLY could only say “but it’s illegal tho,” whereas Tucker actually states the fact: third world immigration drives down the wages of the poorest people in America, and thus is a tool of globalism. (Note that Bernie Sanders actually said this at the beginning of his campaign before he was gang-attacked and forced to capitulate to open borders globalism.)

He started out by calling the gook out on this, and that framed the debate.

He noted how insane it was for a workers’ rights holiday – where protests are usually associated with putting a focus on workers’ wages – to be marked with protests in support of policies that will lower wages.

At one point he asks him if he’s being paid by big business to push this garbage.

This shill for big business was left trying to claim that he is incapable of grasping simple math.

Though Choi denied being paid by global capitalists to push this agenda, a Lifezette article from November of last year cites records showing that his organization, the New York Immigration Coalition, has received $550,000 from international Jew banker George Soros in the period since 1999. I imagine if you dug into it, you’d find a whole lot more funding from groups and individuals representing the interests of global finance.

Yes, that’s the same Jew opening Europe’s borders.

Besides being a Jewish agenda against the white race (which is the primary thing that it is), the number one force behind mass nonwhite immigration into white countries is global finance. They benefit from every aspect of the agenda. They even benefit when immigrants come solely to live on welfare.

The people who actually believe in this are just emotionally unstable lunatics (and of course the brown people themselves, who are conquering us).

The majority of white pro-invasion activists are women, and the men involved you can see by looking at them have very low testosterone (and thus high estrogen).

Although tbh, I’m seeing fewer and fewer whites in general at these types of protests.