Tucker Carlson on the ADL: “Fuck Them”

Tucker Carlson appeared on the Megyn [sic] Kelly Show on XM Radio and was informed that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League was calling for him to be fired again, and he laughed and said “fuck them.”

This is at the beginning of the above clip.

The Jew ADL took issue with Tucker saying on his show last Wednesday that the Bidens are trying “to change the racial mix of the country.” He continued: “In political terms, this policy is called ‘the great replacement’, the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from far-away countries.”

Jewish ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt responded, saying, “for Tucker Carlson to spread the toxic, antisemitic and xenophobic ‘great replacement theory’ is a repugnant and dangerous abuse of his platform.”

“If it somehow wasn’t clear enough before to the executives at Fox News that Carlson was openly embracing white nationalist talking points, let last night’s episode be case and point,” the starkly odious Jew added.

It’s strange that Greenblatt insists on calling this “anti-Semitic.” Tucker doesn’t ever say “the Jews are behind this,” but Greenblatt comes out and says “Tucker shouldn’t be allowed to talk about this because we, the Jews, are behind it, and we, the Jews, are above criticism.”

As we know, the claim that they are above criticism is based on the debunked hoax that six million Jews were gassed to death and turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler during an event called “The Hall of Cost.” The Jewish assertion is that no one can be allowed to criticize them, because if people start talking critically about what the Jews are up to, people will decide they should all be slaughtered. The whole track of reasoning is strange, but that’s what they say.

What I don’t understand is why Greenblatt would come out and say “we, the Jews, are behind this plan to replace white people, and that’s why no one can talk about it.” Most Fox News viewers are not thinking very much about the Jews, so for the Jews to come out unprompted and say that they are behind the plan to replace white people doesn’t seem like a great strategy for them.

If Fox News boomers start criticizing the Jews, no one is going to be able to stop them. These people still think America is a free country and that they’re allowed to say whatever they want, so if someone comes at them and starts telling them they can’t talk about the Jews, they’re going to flip out.

I wrote about all of this earlier this year when Tucker was first criticized by the ADL for being against replacing white people.

On the Megyn [sic] show, Tucker goes on to say the standard “it’s not about race” stuff, but then Megyn [sic] plays the Joe Biden clip of him saying that the Democrat Party is purposefully replacing white people.

I agree that there is a good argument that the Democrats are trying to replace white people because they want more supporters. But clearly, the issue goes deeper than that. Tucker is being openly accused by the most powerful Jewish organizations in the country of planning to undermine a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race.

When that is happening, I fail to see the purpose of saying “I just believe in MLK’s notion of colorblind meritocracy,” as Tucker often does (and does in the above clip). That is literally the doctrine that was used to bring us to this point, so the idea that that doctrine is going to get us out of this seems faulty.

Firstly, I don’t really think we’re being honest about the issues that MLK was addressing. If abuses against black people happened, then I’m against that. I believe that blacks should have legal rights, and should not just be killed at random. However, from my own studies, I’ve not really seen any record of any serious abuses against black people, unless you believe that segregation itself was an abuse (which is a hard sell). If we look to MLK’s personal life, we find that he was obsessed with having sex with white prostitutes, and I don’t think this personal inclination can be separated from his political goals. Worse than being a race-mixer, he was a plagiarist and a communist and just a fraud.

What’s more, MLK was being handled by Jews, and his speeches were written by Jews.

A right-wing political figure saying “we should just go back to MLK, before we devolved into anti-white identity politics” is like a prostitute saying “we should just go back to when you were jacking off near my face, before you ejaculated all over my face.” It’s not reasonable. If the prostitute didn’t want semen all over her face, then she should not have been a prostitute in the first place. Just so, we should not have embraced the faulty ideology of sacrificing our own racial identity in favor of a shaky deal that the blacks would agree to merit-based representation.

The order of nature dictates that a merit-based system is going to be run by white people and Asians. That is going to appear “racist” to anyone who accepts the faulty premise that blacks have the same levels of genetic competence as whites. (As a separate but related issue, allowing “meritocracy” to allow Asians to run white people out of institutions built by and for white people does not seem to serve our national interests in any way.)

I don’t see a way out of simply embracing white identity and some form of white nationalism. I don’t think we can round up all of the blacks and ship them back to Africa, but I believe very strongly that when we are being attacked on the basis of our race, we need to defend ourselves on the basis of our race.

Much to his credit, Tucker is getting closer to this.

But the much bigger issue is indeed these Jews, as they are the ones that have forced all of this gibberish on us in the first place (including by writing the speeches of MLK). There is no actual evidence that blacks have any desire to live in a colorblind meritocracy. In fact, a colorblind meritocracy does not appear to be anything other than, very explicitly, a way for whites to avoid being called “racist” while largely maintaining their culture.

Tucker recently played a clip of blacks at some university kicking white people out of their safe space.

He did the standard routine about “this is just the reverse of racism against blacks from the Jim Crow era.” There are problems with that analogy, most obviously that the black women who kicked these white men out of their safe space couldn’t possibly argue that they were afraid these white men were going to rape them.

But the obvious argument, which would go over fine with the boomers, is staring Tucker in his face: if the blacks want to have their safe spaces, that is perfectly reasonable. But obviously, we should also be able to have our own safe spaces, free from racial harassment by the blacks.

You don’t have to promote “white supremacy” to say that. It is simply an obvious fact, that I think most people on either side accept at this point, that racial groups are coming into conflict with each other on a regular basis, and that there would be much less racial conflict if each racial group was allowed their own privacy and autonomy.

It’s not hard to extend this very simple assertion to the discussion of immigration.

We should all be able to accept that white people and black people both have some claim to the United States. These people coming in do not have any claim, at all. What’s more, unlike white and black Americans, these people coming in have their own countries, and the only reason they are coming into our countries is to leech off us for money. There is no possible moral justification for that. (On the individual level, the immigrants who are being offered a chance to come leech off of us have a justification, in that they are simply accepting a deal they were offered. But the offering itself, being made by Democrats and Republicans alike, is unjustifiable. This is our country and we live here.)

I think we should be kind. If the people fleeing to our country really do have problems in their own country, then we should listen to their concerns, and try to figure out ways to help them, if we are able to do so. There should be conditions on that, the first of which should be: you can’t keep sending your people to our country to leech off of us. But if there are ways we can help Haiti or Guatemala, I think most Americans would be open to that (as long as it follows the principle of “teaching a man to fish” rather than airdropping him crates of fish).

The bottom line is this: the kitchen sink has been thrown at Tucker. Therefore, there is no real reason for him to sugarcoat anything. His viewers are ready to hear the truth, and the truth can be presented without being “hateful.” All of this is very reasonable and logical. There is nothing worse that the Jews can say about him, so he might as well just lay things out the way they are, instead of hiding behind the nice-sounding but totally impossible notion of “colorblind meritocracy.”

All this having been said: I’m very happy with what Tucker is doing, and I don’t want to attack him. Most of his viewers likely get the point. But I simply do not see a need to hold onto intellectual dishonesty that is not capable of solving the problems we are facing.

Basically, the starting point for any political doctrine should be this: “fuck the ADL.” Everything else should be extrapolated from that initial assertion.

As I’ve said every day since the coronavirus hoax began, the Western system is going to collapse. That is not, in my view, up for debate. What we need right now is leaders that are capable of dealing with that collapse, and helping us through it. Tucker is an ideal person to play a role in that process. He is doing so much good, that I feel almost guilty criticizing him, but I do believe that he has some work to do in order to become the man that God intends him to be.

We should all pray for God to protect him, and to give him wisdom.