Tucker Carlson on Chris Chan

Tucker Carlson reported on Chris Chan on Friday.

It was a lot of fun.

He didn’t call him “Christopher Chandler,” he called him “Chris Chan,” and then kept referring to him as “Chan.”

Chris is currently locked up on charges of having sex with his elderly mother. Tucker made this a story about putting trannies in women’s prisons. Chris was scheduled to be placed with women, before the cops in Virginia changed their mind.

I think they should have put him in there.

Better yet – they should just let him out.

I liked Chris better before he became a tranny. I admit that. I was also heartbroken to hear the story of him having sex with his mother. But he always was going to become a tranny, and apparently, he was always going to have sex with his mother.

But maybe instead of piling on Chris, we should consider the society that produced him – a society of which we are all a part.

Chris is a mirror.

That’s all he is.

He is a reflection of the sins of a nation.

Everything horrible thing that this society has done – that we have all done to each other – is present in the person of Chris Chan.

If you are disgusted by Chris, then what you are actually disgusted by is the society that you allowed to manifest.

We can blame the Jews, we can blame women. We should blame both. But ultimately, we must realize that none of us are innocent.

This system is total. We are all tainted by it, like the citizens of Sodom. We have all partaken in its rotten fruits.

  • We should have resisted harder.
  • We should have gone to church.
  • We should have stopped these kikes.

The Chris Chan disaster could only have happened in a completely godless society infested by sickening, Christ-killing Jews.

Chris needs to be taken off the streets, so as he does not harm himself or others. But acting like he is somehow capable of standing trial for any crime is ridiculous.

Just as we are all guilty, we are also all victims.

That’s what “godlessness” is.

There are images of it in Dante’s Inferno – of monstrous beasts in an orgy of cannibalism, all eating and being eaten.

I just can’t wait for it all to come crashing down.

At this point, there is nothing worth saving.


It has come to my attention that some readers do not know who Chris Chan is. This is very difficult to process. But hey – I live to serve.

Probably a good place to start would be Mister Metokur’s videos on this legendary figure. They are cataloged on BitChute. Click here.

Probably, if you look into this situation, you will come to understand why it is that I will not simply condemn Chris as an evil pervert. He is an evil pervert, obviously, but he is also a highly impressionable moron, who would have been the cultural epitome of any society that he lived in.

If he’d lived in Ancient Rome, he’d have known the names and backstory of every god and gladiator, and dressed up like these figures, painted pictures of them. If he’d lived in puritan New England, he’d have been the assistant of the top witch-hunter, keeping tabs on all of the latest happenings in the daemonic realms.

If he’d lived in any society but this one, he’d have been a slightly annoying but generally social individual, engaging in normal sexual behavior.

Chris Chan is a living tragedy.