Tucker Carlson Launches Harassment Campaign Against Intrepid Reporter Taylor Lorenz

The vile white male harasser Tucker Carlson has launched a brutal war against the intrepid and interesting New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.

Lorenz has been doing great work exposing people for saying the word “retard,” which is one of the number one problems America faces in 2021. She also digs up the real story of what is going on with public figures by contacting their young children.

She is, by far, one of the single most important writers of the era.

It’s hard hitting, shoe-leather journalism, but Tucker Carlson, who is a white male, and a racist, has called it “creepy” and “harassment,” despite that he is the real harasser.

Tucker Carlson in his campaign of brutality went so far as to read a tweet that Lorenz wrote, live on his show.

The tweet he read, posted on International Women’s Day, was brilliant and heartfelt, explaining that the day should be about Lorenz personally, because of all of the violent harassment she has experienced in the form of people disagreeing with her on the internet.

No one should ever have anyone say anything mean to them on the internet. This is pure evil, and it is the biggest problem in our country.

For Tucker to deny her lived experience, to try to say that she should be appreciative of the fact she is rich and powerful, is beyond evil. Being rich and powerful means nothing if every day someone sends you a mean message on the internet, or disagrees with something you said.

It would have been very easy for the New York times to side with White Supremacy and the patriarchy which controls the world, but bravely, the Times defended Lorenz from Carlson’s heinous, violent attack.

Double bravely, the International Women’s Media Foundation released a statement explaining the obvious: disagreeing with someone on the internet is violence. Mean words can kill.

Even the blacks recognize that if there is one thing more dangerous than cops, it is people disagreeing with you on the internet.

It is an existential threat to every journalist.

Tucker finished off the week with another segment on Lorenz. This new item, disagreeing with her views, is one of the most brutal acts of violence I’ve ever witnessed.

It is amazing that Lorenz is able to keep going, with all of this violence against her.

She can’t really even sleep, which is causing her to commit homonyms.

The fact that she is capable of sustaining endless waves of violence against her, the very worst form of violence which is people being mean to you on the internet, or disagreeing with you, proves just how much stronger women are than men.

We need a law to protect journalists from disagreement. Big tech claims to be reining in the far-right, but we continue to see brutal violence everywhere in the form of people disagreeing with journalists.

One of the most sacred pillars of our democracy is that journalists are above reproach. We have to protect this sacred institution, so that we can find out who is saying “retard” in private chats.

Democracy dies in darkness. It is time to shine the light of law enforcement on the powerful forces of random people on the internet who disagree with journalists.