Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Associate Tony Bobulinski

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, for the first time in his show’s history, devoted the entire show to a single interview. The interviewee was Tony Bobulinski.

Bobulinski is a funny guy. He’s not even blowing the whistle because he cares about politics – he’s just mad that he’s been called a Russian agent. He was called a Russian agent by Adam Schiff.

The interview is excellent and it is powerful. Bobulinski was hired to do the math on the deals that the Bidens were arranging across the planet. Bobulinski has all the texts.

He told these people, through their representative Rob Walker, that he was going to go on Tucker Carlson if Adam Schiff didn’t recant his statement that Bobulinski is a Russian spy. Walker told him he’d try, but it was probably impossible. Bobulinski told him that if Schiff doesn’t say it, he’s going on record.

Rob Walker replied: “Tony. You’re just going to bury all of us, man.”

This phone call was recorded and played on the show.

This guy was going all over the world with these people, doing all of these business deals, and the product that they were selling was access to the former Vice President who, it was thought, might be the next president.

Bobulinski says point blank: “I know the Big Guy is Joe Biden.”

The media, obviously, is burying this story. It’s incredible that they seem to be doing that successfully. A lot of people don’t know about the laptop – or they didn’t, when Donald Trump mentioned it during the debate.

Now, they might know about the sex photos that were released by Steve Bannon and his Chinese morons. But they don’t know the details of the contents of these emails, which show a massive pay-to-play operation by the Biden family.

It is just so insane that this is our system of government: the media burying absurd corruption to get people to vote for a senile old man who is absurdly corrupt.

Democracy has completely failed. We need to go back to the Republican system of government that our Founding Fathers established. The people have benefited in no way whatsoever from this system. The masses of people didn’t ask to vote, that was forced on them, and they are now being manipulated to serve the purposes of the elite who gave them this voting right. The people are then blamed when the system doesn’t work, because, “hey – you voted for these people!”

It’s out of control.

We need a movement against this system of universal suffrage democracy. It is rule by the media, and it is the single most corrupt system in history.