Tucker Carlson Interview with Kyle Rittenhouse

Tucker Carlson aired an interview with Kyle Rittenhouse Monday night. It took up most of his evening show’s 40-minute runtime.

I enjoyed watching it, though there was nothing especially surprising in it. The media has zoomed in on the fact that he allegedly said that he “supports BLM.” They’re talking about this to try to demoralize right-wingers. He didn’t really say that he supports the BLM agenda, he just said that he supports their right to protest.

If he seemed overly nice to the blacks, we should remember that he’s a teenager from a single mother now facing nonstop death threats. Obviously, going on Tucker Carlson and seeming reasonable isn’t going to stop death threats, but you could see how he would think that would be the case.

The most interesting thing in the interview was that he said he was exploited by Lin Wood. Wood is someone we’ve known is a total kook, but he’s always seemed harmless. But Kyle said – and I have no reason to doubt him – that Lin kept him in jail for nearly three months because he was fundraising off of him being in jail. Kyle said he told him he would get killed if he went home from jail.

John Pierce, who is currently the attorney for some 20 of the Capitol Stormers, was also named by Kyle as an asshole who kept him in jail so he could fundraise off of him.

Kyle seems like a pretty reasonable guy, so I don’t think he would accuse these men of something unless he knew they did it. However, he did say that he has competent counsel now, and I definitely did not get the impression that his trial lawyer was competent after watching his performance.

If Wood is the kind of guy that will keep a gentle 17-year-old fat kid in jail for months in order to make money off of his suffering, then that definitely means we need to reevaluate the role he played in the 2020 election debacle. He was one of the main guys, along with Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell spreading QAnon disinformation and confusing the situation. I just assumed he was actually insane, but it would probably make more sense if he was messing everything up on purpose.

If he’s the kind of person who will rip off Kyle Rittenhouse, then he is definitely the kind of person who would take a payday to screw up Donald Trump’s attempt to contest the election.

Overall, Kyle comes across very well, like a kind and gentle kid who just wants to help people. He’s very reserved and speaks in a very measured way. The interview with Tucker was very similar to his testimony given in court.

He said he has no ambitions to use his celebrity for any purpose, and just wants to go to college and live a normal life. That’s obviously impossible, but it will apparently take him a while to figure that out.

I think it would have been cool if he’d done the interview and said he was planning to hunt down and kill more Jew pederasts, but that was never in the cards.

At least he took a shot at the FBI.

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