Tucker Carlson Hits the Nail on the Head Regarding Australia’s Descent Into Tyranny and the Disinterest of the Western Media

Tucker Carlson has an amazingly clear understanding of the Australian virus situation.

He also understands the fact that the reason the US media isn’t talking about the abuses that are going on in Australia indicates that they are planning to implement this same sort of system in America and don’t want us to know about that plan.

Obviously, the transformation of an English-speaking country into a state of abject, absurd tyranny – more extreme than that which existed under communism, actually – should at least be newsworthy. I mean, people would be interested in that. And yet, the entire Western media establishment is completely silent on the issue. That is actually almost more amazing than the Australian tyranny itself.

This is really great stuff, and he and his writing staff appear to be incredibly well informed on the most important issues of our day, and very talented at analyzing them.

Tucker Carlson is a national treasure. I’ve criticized him before, and will continue to criticize things I disagree with, but as the days go on, there is less and less to criticize, as he appears to be clarifying his perceptions of the issues.

In this segment, he even jokes about the absurdity of Westerners whining about alleged “oppressions” in China, while things in the West are so much worse than anything the Chinese would ever tolerate.

If the Chinese government tried to do to the Chinese people what our governments have done to us, the CIA would have its way and the Chinese people would rise up and overthrow the government.

White people, however, are docile cattle who actually appear to have developed a kind of sexual fetish for abuses by government and media authorities.

You would think that the transformation from accusing Tucker Carlson of being a white supremacist to accusing him of being a virus denier would be jarring to some people. I mean, it is literally the same exact people who were accusing him of promoting anti-Semitic canards who are now accusing him of spreading “coronavirus disinformation.”

It’s like hey – what do those things even have to do with each other?

I mean, I understand the relationship between wanting t0 defend your culture and resistance of tyranny, but if we were to accept the media’s characterization, there is literally no relationship other than “bad man says bad things.” The argument has to be that Tucker is just metaphysically evil and spreads false lies just out of a dark desire to destroy.

“He hates people’s skin color! He hates the Jews! Oh no – now he’s trying to trick his own racist viewers into not taking a life-saving vaccine so they will die of a virus!”

Shouldn’t the ADL et al support Tucker Carlson’s racist viewers dying from a virus? Why are all of these Jewish censorship organizations trying to protect the health of Tucker’s racist viewers, who they have identified as evil?

None of it makes sense, unless you just worship authority, and have literally no filter between what authority says and what you adopt as your belief system.

It really just is a kind of BDSM master-slave relationship between the Jews and the people who believe in whatever the latest Jew lie happens to be at any given time.

I know it’s a cliche that’s been said a million times, but the situation in the West really is like the time when Crash Bandicoot begged that guy who was twisting his nipples to twist his nipples even harder.