Tucker Carlson GASSES Jew Mark Cuban with a DIESEL MOTOR Salvaged from a SOVIET SUBMARINE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

The Jew Mark Cuban went on Tucker Carlson to argue for the invasion of America by streetshitting purpleshirts.

The Jew Cuban argued that the only way the American economy can possibly survive is if we bury ourselves in the most primitive people on earth in order to save a few cents.

He was met with a big surprise when he ended up being GASSED to death with diesel fumes from a re-purposed Soviet submarine engine!

(Serious note: at Adolf Eichmann’s hoax trial in Israel, he literally claimed that Germans were gassing people with diesel fuel from submarine engines. Here’s a long article about it. Eichmann was a master troll, and made up the most idiotic stories imaginable at his trial to show that the Jews would literally promote any lie you can even think of. He also said there were fountains of blood shooting up out of the ground, and that was entered into the record without criticism. Books are still printed containing these claims. Denier Bud discusses the “Diesel Holocaust” in his film “One-Third of the Holocaust,” which I recommend for all newbs.)