Tucker Carlson Embraces Tactical Communism, Calls for Homeless Mutant Army Uprising in Seattle

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

As part of a series he did on homelessness in America last week, Tucker Carlson brought up the issue of Seattle – a city that is on the verge of going full mutant army at the rate things are going.

In the segment, Tucker raises a point that I’ve never heard uttered on TV before.

Tucker says that the success of a few megacorporations doesn’t necessarily translate into success for the general population. In fact, the gap between the rich and the poor can just get wider as a city gets more expensive to live in and more and more people fall to the wayside.

Furthermore, the sheer hypocrisy of these companies, which claim to care about the world’s poor and promote progressive causes with SWPL money while not giving a damn about the city turning into an open-air Hoover town/opium den, is very triggering stuff.

Tucker is right to be calling for the workers to seize the means of production and to storm Jeff Bezos’ private mansion at AIDS-infected needle-point and demand that he pay each and every White American 1,000 dollars a month or else.

Even Charlie Kirk has been brought onboard the Right’s new strategy to embrace tactical Zombie/Mutant Army Communism.

The Robber Barons thought that they could just wreck America and then get away with it?

Not so fast.

Now there’s an army of tweaker schizophrenic mutant homeless people who can’t be arrested getting ready to march on Bezos’ house to shove their thumbs in Bezos’ misshapen eye sockets.

They feel no fear, feel no pain, and don’t need same-day shipping.

All they need now is a leader. 

As a fellow Down syndrome mutant, I would think that Charlie Kirk would be the obvious first and best choice.

It doesn’t really matter though.

What is important now is that we are agreed that the time has come to tear this bitch down. 

Because no one except the most craven Lolbertburgtardian or Liberast feels comfortable with the fact that this goofy-looking motherfucker is going to own the entire US economy in a few short years.

No one likes this man.

These people just don’t exist in real life. They only exist because think tanks pay people to think a certain way, and to act like normal people actually believe that we should all be part of Bezos’ cradle-to-grave fulfillment system because that’s what America is all about.

Meanwhile, these schizo tweakers are just waiting for someone to lead them against Bezos and to overthrow this corrupt city!

It is time to embrace the next phase of our society’s lifecycle.

Tucker is absolutely right: the roving homeless heroin warbands need to be unleashed on the rich.

An army will be raised in those homeless camps! The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cold world that the junkies know and endure. Courts will be convened! Spoils will be enjoyed!

Free meth and heroin for the brave revolutionaries will be provided! 

In the end, Seattle may endure. But without the Communist revolution, Seattle will not survive.

Be sure to watch the other segments in Tucker’s “Homeless America” series – it’s all pure gold.