Tucker Carlson Smashes in the Hooked Nose of Gay Homo Matt Drudge with Brass Knuckles

Tucker Carlson last week addressed the most bizarre issue of the emergent New World Order in America: that Matt Drudge sprung upon Donald Trump with an entire new format for his website. Having been a right-winger for nearly 30 years, he decided to become a radical leftist.

It’s almost like he was undercover for those decades.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to put a homosexual Jew in such a prominent place in the right-wing media sphere, huh? It’s almost like you can’t really trust these people, maybe?

We have thousands of years with the Jews, since they murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but for some reason, idiot right-wingers still haven’t caught onto the fact that these people are simply bad news.

I don’t like to promote my competitors, but Tucker mentions that many refugees from the Drudge Report who are unhappy with his new Jewish message have since started reading Revolver News for all of their link-dump needs. It seems like a pretty good site. They have a great piece up now about how the Justice Department is resisting pressing charges against the rioters (it seems to be directly based on my work, which is certainly something I love to see).

I hope it’s not run by Jews or homosexuals.