Tucker Carlson Discusses a Man Getting Beaten Nearly to Death in Portland

In the first ten minutes of the above video you can see Tucker Carlson’s reaction to what happened on Sunday night in Portland, when a white man was beaten nearly to death by the mob. As we wrote about here, video shows that the man was kicked in the head, his skull being slammed against the asphalt. It’s presently unclear whether he will survive, but if he does survive, his life is going to be very different than it was before the attack. He will be eating his food through a straw and he will be very confused for the rest of his life.

As Tucker mentions, the man responsible for the attack is yet to be arrested, despite the fact that he’s been identified by /pol/. He might eventually be arrested, due to this level of heat, but it will be against the will of the rulers of this country. In the future, such videos as the ones released of this brutal attack will be buried to protect this kind of person.

Before Tucker’s show aired, I had prayed that he would call for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr, the man who is specifically and singularly responsible for all of this insanity on our streets. The Attorney General has the absolute ability to have all of these people who are destroying our country arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and yet Attorney General William Barr is explicitly and purposefully choosing to do absolutely nothing. All of this blood is on his hands. The tearing apart of our country – the destruction of the place where we all grew up, where we were babies, where we played as children, where we had our first girlfriends, where we had our first fist fights, is being burned to the ground and will no longer exist in the future because William Barr is choosing to stand by and do absolutely nothing.

William Barr is making the decision to allow this to happen to our country, and thereby he might as well be doing it himself.

I just want to say that William Barr is Jewish. Because I think that is very important. He is not a white man, he is not an American, he is a foreign desert person who has a position in our government and is actively destroying our country.

Just understand: he has the ability to at any time stop all of this. Most of these people have their faces on video. It is within his power to have any and all of them arrested. He is deciding not to do that. He is deciding to let them burn our country. He is killing America, just as his ancestors killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Tucker mentioned the Justice Department and he mentioned the federal government, but he did not call out Barr by name. This is extremely disappointing. I’m not sure what he thinks. If we don’t win this election, he’s either going to have to flee the country, or the mob is going to come and kill him and his family and the media will report that he deserved it. That is simply a fact. This is now life or death, for pretty much all of us, and there is no more time for holding back.

I don’t want to hear about “colorblindness” and how “everyone of every race loves America.” That’s nice rhetoric in nicer times, but these people are going to kill us and the reason that they are going to kill us is that we are white. There is no way to cut that up and have it mean something different than it means.

Tucker Carlson should be saying that.

I posted the illegitimate upload of the entire Tucker Carlson show on YouTube because the monologue, which is all I wanted to post, was not uploaded by Fox News at time of writing.

What was uploaded was a weird thing he did about a Democrat Post Office conspiracy theory.

This segment was a disaster.

The writing was garbage and the delivery is trash. It sucks.

I’m sure Tucker is having problems like the rest of us are having problems, and his head writer was just fired for saying the n-word on the internet, but better writers than those who wrote this segment exist and they can write something that isn’t such garbage. The basic content is good, but the presentation of the content makes it largely incomprehensible.

Look, we’re all coming apart at the seams. I am. Everyone I know is. But people like myself, people like Tucker Carlson, we have to hold it together and do our jobs. Tucker needs to fire whoever wrote that segment and never do that “fast blast” thing he just did ever again. It isn’t good. He’s currently the most important person in this country and thereby the most important person in the world and he needs to do his job.

The man who was beaten in Portland may well die. But if he does or doesn’t, he should be a rallying point for the entire right-wing in this country. If Trump doesn’t exploit this, he deserves to lose.

But we don’t deserve for him to lose.

He is our last hope.

The man needs to do his job. All these people need to do their jobs.

I’m doing mine.