Tucker Carlson Crushes Jewish Transexual Lawyer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2017

Tucker had a transsexual Jewish lawyer on last night to argue why the federal government has to mandate every public institution in America treat mentally ill men in women’s clothes as women.

The question of trannies using the women’s bathroom is irrelevant, since transsexuals are statistically irrelevant in terms of their portion of the population. This is just a small part of a greater cultural struggle, with one side (the Jewish side) seeking to break down the concept of sex in the quest of creating an androgynous, mixed-race “New American Man.”

The bathroom issue opens up a whole Pandora’s Box of contradictions, as Tucker asserts. If a man who considers himself female can use female segregated facilities, why can’t he try out for the WNBA or get female-reserved affirmative action scholarships? Why can’t a man convicted of a crime demand he be sent to a women’s prison?

On the college level, this has already been experimented with, with the results you’d expect:


Nobody has an answer for this, just appeals for you to “think of the transgender and LGBT children.”

Anyone who pumps a little boy with hormones and teaches him he’s a little girl should be arrested for child abuse.

Here is another exchange Tucker had on the question the night before, with even more dramatic pwnage.