Tucker Carlson Confirms NSA is Spying on Him

On Monday, Tucker Carlson revealed that the NSA is spying on his electronic communications and planning to leak information they’ve gathered to the media to try to shut down the show.

He said he was contacted by a whistleblower inside of the NSA, who was able to confirm the claim by reading back Tucker’s own texts to him. Tucker confirms that there is no way anyone could have known what was in these texts unless they had breached his communications.

This is a pretty standard thing that has been going on for a while. As with everything that is happening to white people now, it was originally done to the Moslems.

All the way back in 2012, it was revealed that the NSA was spying on Moslems (some of whom were American citizens) and tracking their porn-viewing habits, with a plan to leak that information publicly in order to discredit the Moslems, who were presenting themselves as strongly religious.

Presumably, the plan with spying on Tucker Carlson was to find racial slurs or otherwise politically incorrect language in his communications, figure out a way to explain how the communications had been discovered, and leak them.

The Media as the Cops

With regards to “figuring out a way to explain” how they got information that they got from spying – this is called “parallel construction,” and is a common tactic used by intelligence agencies to provide an explanation for where they got information that was actually acquired through illegal spying. Private text messages would be a difficult one to explain, but they might be so bold as to just have CNN claim “an unnamed person leaked these to us.”

You’ll remember that in July of 2020, Tucker Carlson’s top writer, Blake Neff, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had posted “racist and sexist comments” on an online forum using a standard forum pseudonym. The story is that CNN’s anti-speech activist journalist Oliver Darcy somehow just figured it out.

Darcy claimed:

After learning of Neff’s posts on the board through an email from an anonymous tipster, CNN Business was able to positively identify CharlesXII as Neff by reviewing messages he has posted throughout the years on the forum and matching them up with publicly available information about him.

That was never really believable, and at the time, I said that it was almost certain that the “anonymous tipster” was from the NSA or some other intelligence agency. It was a big deal for Tucker’s show when Blake was fired, as things really went downhill in terms of the show’s quality for many months. The show has been a lot better over the last 4 or 5 months, and it could well be that Blake is continuing to work for the show in some unofficial capacity, and that this is what the NSA was planning to leak.

They might not do it now that Tucker has called them out. But if they were going to do it, I’m sure they would do it through Oliver Darcy, who has been a key figure in getting the internet censored. Darcy is a spooky figure. He is a homosexual Iranian who wants to overthrow the government of Iran so he can return and make the country full anal. During his college years, he was involved in pro-war activism as a neoconservative, pushing for war with Iran.

The Other McCain is a boomer moron, but he’s written a detailed background of Darcy (who has managed to prevent the creation of a Wikipedia page on himself). Darcy worked for Campus Reform, then was a managing editor at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze before joining CNN in 2017 as an anti-speech activist. Along with taking down Tucker’s head writer, he was responsible for getting Alex Jones banned. Jones is obviously also a target of the intelligence agencies.

The point I want to make is that mainstream journalists are effectively working as intelligence agents, and they are a key part of the network of attacking political dissidents.

Back when I was a target of the media (it feels like a million years ago now), I got a taste of this. I had been approached very early on in my work here on the site to become an FBI informant (which is why I don’t believe any of these people on the right who claim they’ve never been approached, and assume that anyone claiming that is an active informant). Obviously, I rejected these communications. The operations against me were then handed off to the media, which began a campaign of harassing my family and basically everyone I’d ever met in my life. A guy who I went to high school with who I hadn’t heard from in 15 years emailed me messages he’d received from a journalist threatening to get him fired from his job if he didn’t meet with him and say nasty things about me for a hit piece. These people will try to defame you sexually – I have been accused of being both a homosexual and a (heterosexual) pedophile.

As the heroic Jew homo Glenn Greenwald has covered extensively, the mainstream media TV networks are just bringing on active intelligence agents as experts to spew CIA and State Department talking points.

After Tucker Carlson (finally) exposed the fact that the 1/6 “insurrection” hoax was planned and executed by the FBI, Chris Cuomo brought on former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, who was a lead figure in the Russia collusion hoax, to assure CNN viewers that the FBI would never hoax them.

Intelligence agencies spying on opposition journalists is a big deal, and I hope Tucker does more to uncover this issue. But the bigger issue here is the fact that we do not have an independent media.

The concept of freedom of speech and a free media was institutionalized by our Founding Fathers as a check on the power of the government. But what has happened is that the mainstream media has been absorbed by the establishment, and become effectively an organ of the state. What that media then does is work with intelligence agencies to shut down any remaining independent media.

If you look at what happened to myself and Alex Jones, you can see that it was entirely the mainstream media that was responsible for our censorship. Just so, it is the mainstream media that is going after Tucker Carlson. CNN has entire shows devoted to trying to silence Tucker Carlson.

Joe Rogan has made a lot of compromises in the last few years, but he is still technically independent. He was recently attacked by the entire mainstream media for questioning CNN’s anti-speech host Brian Stelter.

The intelligence agencies are going to do whatever they’re allowed to do.

The problem here is the media that supports them.

The actual problem is that Jews run the intelligence agencies AND the media and work together directly behind the scenes against White Christians.