Tucker Carlson Calls Out the Vaccine, Suggests Other Agenda at Work

I’ve made no secret that I am extremely unhappy with how Tucker Carlson has dealt with the election fraud, and I think that this has given us grounds upon which to question his entire agenda.

However: no single person in the entire media is going to be willing to question this vaccine.

And yet, here he is.

(Note: The video of this segment is not available online, that I can find – it’s presumably banned because of established rules against questioning vaccines.)


Amid an important nationwide vaccine rollout to effectively combat the coronavirus and help the country get through this pandemic, Tucker Carlson told his viewers Thursday night they should be questioning the vaccines. He continued on Friday and again told viewers they “should be nervous.”

Carlson told viewers again Friday, “It’s not superstition. There are rational reasons to be skeptical and ask questions. There has never been a successful vaccine for any variety of the coronavirus. The last one that scientists developed for SARS proved too dangerous to bring to market. Nor has any vaccine ever been developed as quickly as this one.”

“The authorities assure us that the new vaccine is completely safe. We want to believe that badly. On the other hand, it’s not crazy to wonder,” he continued.

“You are not a conspiracy nut for wanting answers,” Carlson said.

He went on to say people should be concerned about “the people in charge of the vaccine,” saying they have a “basic moral rottenness” and that “the worst in our already unimpressive professional class are now in charge of the coronavirus vaccine, and that should make you nervous.”

That is simply incredible.

Again, we end up in a situation where he is going point-by-point through everything I care about.

We should remain skeptical about Carlson, as his approach to the election was very, very strange. However, I am willing to say that there is a possible explanation for that other than that he is working against us. It’s possible that he simply didn’t have a clear strategy, or that his strategy went wrong. I suppose.

I’m never going to be able to view him the same way I did before the election. But calling out the vaccine agenda – going so far as to say that there appears to be a different, devious agenda behind it – that is something my hat must be removed for.

Remember: this is while the rest of Fox News is claiming the vaccine is “very safe,” and playing gatekeeper, trying to squelch discussion of the issues.

This is while Mike Pence is out there shilling it, hard, claiming to have been injected with it.

Tucker is here standing directly against the core of the globalist, Jew agenda.

We don’t know what the vaccine does. But like Tucker said, we know that the people promoting it are evil, and we know that for these evil people, this is the thing they are singularly most concerned about.


They really, really, really want you to take this shot.

Tucker’s willingness to call this out probably proves that he didn’t side-step some of the election fraud issues in order to try to stay on air. We might never know why he did that, but if he is talking about the vaccine, it’s not because he was trying to keep his job.