Tucker Calls Out Infiltrator Levantine Tribal Mastermind Jared Kushner as Manipulating the Trump Administration

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson called out the manipulative Jew Jared Kushner, blaming him for all of Donald Trump’s bad decisions.

He is of course right, and this is just a fact that all normal people can see: like so many leaders before him, across the Western world, for nearly 2,000 years, Donald Trump has fallen under the spell of a Jewish manipulator.

That said, Tucker’s support for a military crackdown on the riots is, I believe, misguided.

If Trump releases the military on the streets, they’re not coming off the streets, and they will be there in the fall for the second wave of the coronavirus hoax.

Sure, if Trump was in charge of his own government, he could send in the military, clean things up and pull them out. But we all know – and Tucker is saying in this clip – that Donald Trump is not in control of his own government. The government of the United States is controlled by snakes that advise the president, his horrible snake cabinet, and in particular, Kushner himself.

Trump might have a plan to just clean the place up with the military, but once they are loose, the advisors will tell him “no, you’ve got to leave them there just a little bit longer…”

And then it will be the fall, and they will be needed for the effort to fight the second wave of the coronavirus.

I can see this all very clearly. Tucker is a smart person, but he can’t see it. That’s unfortunate. But we should remember that he also believed in the coronavirus hoax for a long time after I had called it out as a hoax.

Releasing the military is part of the plan. It is in fact the key to the plan – it is the reason these riots were allowed to happen in the first place.

I can say all of this and it really doesn’t matter because it is going to happen either way. But you all should know. You all should sit there and watch this unfold as I’ve predicted it will unfold. And if you have the ability to get away from the cities, you should do that.

Things are going to get very ugly. They are going to get so ugly that they are going to make these current riots look pretty.

You gotta love Tucker using that “Jewish manipulator” image though…

This is the longer piece from Monday night’s Tucker Carlson Show. I recommend watching the whole clip.

The man is on fire, I will tell you that.

But I will also tell you: he is wrong about releasing the military.