Tucker: Attack the Republicans, Demand They Do Something

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday went over his bizarre Monday interview with Indiana Senator Mike Braun, a Republican who is pushing a Black Lives Matter agenda to punish the police in the name of Rayshard Brooks. Braun had no ability to explain why he is pushing a bill to support the “systematic racism” hoax with lawsuits, but incomprehensibly stated that he is worried about being criticized by Chuck Schumer if he didn’t get behind the black revolutionary agenda.

His basic point appeared to be that it’s a race to see who can make the most anti-white, anti-civilization laws first, and he is trying to beat the Democrats.

“Braun’s just weak, and doesn’t believe in anything,” Tucker said, accurately.

He then went into the hell that is coming down on us if we lose in November.

“People who supported Donald Trump will be punished. There is absolutely no question about that,” he said, accurately.

He then accurately went through my main point: if Democrats win, they’re going to legalize all the illegal Mexicans currently in this country, which will give them tens of millions of new voters, which will mean that a Republican can never again win national office.

He noted that they’re going to make D.C. a state, they’re going to abolish the filibuster and make it so they can pass laws in the Senate with a simple majority, and they’re going to pack the Supreme Court. They will have awesome, total power.

That is what we are facing here: it is not about Donald Trump, it is about any future for white people in America, at all.

Tucker’s conclusion, which is my conclusion, is that we need to directly attack the Republicans. These are the only people with any ability to protect us, and we have to force them to do that, or we are very simply doomed.

“If you want to live … in this country, you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party, there are no other options, but it must be a very different kind of Republican Party,” he said.

When the crises came, Tucker said, “they did nothing to defend the country, they were paralyzed; their so-called principles turned out to be bumper stickers they wrote 40 years ago. They had no clue what to do.

“So from this day forward, it’s very simple, we’re going to tell them what to do. And that will work. No matter what they may believe privately, politicians respond to organized groups of voters.”

Tucker then gave three things that we must demand that the Republicans support:

  1. Total equality under the law. Here he condemned both the ability of Jeffrey Epstein to evade prison and affirmative action, and hinted at the new Democrat plan to put black people above the law, and the systematic anti-white racism generally. He said America must be a colorblind meritocracy.
  2. Freedom of speech. Tucker explained that speech control is thought control, and people who want to control what you are allowed to think know this. If you are not allowed to articulate an idea, you cannot think it.
  3. Defend normal people. He said the GOP must be the party of the middle class, and defend our rights to exist and live normally.

He said that if we tell them what we want them to do, they will do it because they want to win and they have no choice. I don’t really know that this is true. He also said that they’re not evil people, they are just sad and pathetic people looking for approval. I also do not know if that is true. There is some significant reason to believe some or most of these people are deeply involved in something deeply weird. If they’re not involved in something deeply weird, they are at the very least indebted to donors and people who otherwise made them rich.

It’s not clear how he expects that this will be done, this mission to send a message. I will support it, whatever it is he is planning, regardless of what the chances of it actually working actually are, because we do not have any choice. I have no actual plan on how to win this election, with Trump making it virtually impossible. I know that we have to do whatever we can to win it, but the best I’ve been able to come up with so far is for people to go door to door and tell people that the blacks are going to come and kill them if they don’t elect Donald Trump. I still support that plan, by the way, and I think you should all be doing it, hopefully¬†while also promoting your own runs for office.

This is clearly a Hail Mary on Tucker’s part. But he is as deep in this as the rest of us. They’re coming for him too. If Trump loses, he’s going to have to take his family and flee the country. And to where? Russia?

I mean that very literally: Tucker Carlson will not be able to live in this country if Trump loses the election. He will be removed from the air, and he will be prosecuted for hate speech, or maybe for some random tax thing – you know, whatever. There will be no rule of law, they will just do whatever they want to anyone under whichever excuse they happen to come up with on the spot.


I want to say that Tucker Carlson looks great this week. I’ve given him a lot of crap for being an alcoholic, but he has been looking much healthier the last couple weeks, and speaking more clearly. With regards to that, we should note that he writes his show in the morning and afternoon and then records it in the evening, and it is pretty normal to drink while writing. Also, though it was clear he was drinking more and I was worried about it, he’s never done anything stupid due to that. I’ve just been worried about his ability to hold it together in the longer run. I do think he can do it.

He has been looking fresh faced and healthy, with the inflammation and redness in his face gone.

I feel kinda bad about calling him out over that, but I felt it was necessary to do.