Trump’s Twitter Account Permanently Banned

President Trump has officially gotten the Stormer treatment after he led the Capitol Stormers against the corrupt government.

As of Friday night, he has been permanently suspended by Twitter, who claim they are afraid he is going to try to start more riots against the Jewish ruling class.

Turns out his statement of “oh I’m sorry and I condemn my own rioters” wasn’t worth much to the masters of the universe.

These are the last tweets he posted:

Clearly, those are not incendiary, so he was banned for fear of potential future tweets.

He then went on to post on the official presidential @POTUS account:

Those tweets were quickly deleted, and he was locked out of the POTUS account.

We all knew that they were going to ban him after Joe Biden took power, but now they’ve officially stripped him of his ability to speak to his own people while he remains president.

Journalists are of course celebrating this, claiming that the First Amendment says that only journalists should be allowed to speak. Many journalists are effectively saying that everyone who is not a journalist needs to be banned from social media, effectively recreating the pre-internet world when only journalists had a voice in the public.

Anyone labeled “QAnon” is being banned.

The Jewish lunatic Jake Tapper is calling for entire countries to be banned.

They’re obviously calling for Parler, a Twitter alternative, to be shut down.

Apple is threatening to suspend them (and will tomorrow, because they’re giving an impossible ultimatum).

The Play Store already suspended them.

Next (and probably soon), they will just take their domain from them, like they did to me.

The same will be done to DLive, a streaming platform that doesn’t have totally brutal censorship rules.

The message we’re seeing from the media is “you don’t own anything, goyim,” as they’re moving to literally shut down any ability of the peasants to communicate with each other.

Never forget: in 2017, they told you that Andrew Anglin was a unique case, because he made a mean joke about a fat woman who died of a heart attack.

Now, they’ve silenced the President of the United States.

This is what you call a “slippery slope.”

Most importantly: this is why your rights have to be inalienable. If your rights are not inalienable, then you don’t have rights, and they will come and take your rights away from you. This applies, directly, to the stripping of our rights under the guise of the coronavirus hoax.

Trump is officially, completely silenced. They were afraid that he might try to stage a seizing of power. If he was going to do that, he would have done it on January 6. But they’re just making sure.