Trump’s Starting to Say Things, Says He’ll Protect Our Jesus

Donald Trump, President of America, has been hiding in the shadows as a mob of communists burn down our country and destroy the symbols of our history. After much pressure from Tucker Carlson, however, he is starting to say something.

Not much, but a little.

On Thursday he said they want to tear down images of Jesus Christ, and he reiterated that he wants to sign an executive order giving ten year sentences to people who tear down statues.

But the issue with that is, this is already illegal. And in fact, if it’s a war-related statue, there’s already a federal law that says you can get ten years. Many or most of the statues are war related. But they don’t have to be given ten years. Giving them one year is better than no years. Right now, they’re not even being arrested. He can sign an executive order that says he’ll cut off both their hands and feet, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t get arrested.

The problem, as I’ve said and as Tucker has said and as the Congressional Freedom Caucus said on Thursday, is that Attorney General Barr is refusing to arrest these people or press charges against them. He’s doing interview tours talking about John Bolton’s book instead.

Trump did a town hall in Wisconsin last night with Sean Hannity.

Shockingly and stupidly, the main topic was not this revolution. But he did say that the people tearing down the statues are terrorists.

These are baby steps and we simply do not have time for this. The man needs to be the president, he needs to get ahold of the issue. He needs to talk about this all the time and he needs to fire the Attorney General yesterday. This man is malicious and he is evil and he is letting this country be destroyed on purpose.

When you don’t arrest people for doing something, they just keep doing it. Laws against tearing down statues, laws against arson, they’re soon going to become unenforceable. This has been over a month that we’ve decided to allow people to riot, loot, start fires, attack people on the street and destroy public property. The country has spun completely out of control and the Attorney General is talking about John Bolton’s book.

What do you think William Barr would do if these were neo-Nazis tearing down statues of blacks? Do you think he would be doing interviews about John Bolton’s book?

This is insane.

He has to be fired, now. Pretty soon, there’s going to be nothing left to burn.