Trump’s Social Media Summit had No Actual Point

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2019

Donald Trump held a “social media summit” on Thursday.

It does not appear to have served any specific purpose.

The Jewish media was nonetheless outraged.

The Guardian:

Donald Trump used a White House conference on social media to applaud far-right provocateurs, even as he conceded that some of them are extreme in their views.

The White House had invited a number of social media pundits and Republican lawmakers to discuss “opportunities and challenges” of the internet.

But the Trump administration did not include any representatives from major social media firms – including Facebook, Twitter or Google – instead inviting a mix of inflammatory internet personalities including rightwing Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, pro-Trump activist Bill Mitchell, college Republican activist Charlie Kirk and Ben Garrison, a rightwing cartoonist who agreed not to attend amid widespread criticism from one of his virulently antisemitic cartoons.

So the only person who was there that even matters was James O’Keefe.

And Josh Hawley.

Josh Hawley should be president, really. I’ve become a one-issue voter.

During the summit, the president repeatedly bragged about his large Twitter following and congratulated conservative attendees for communicating online “without having to go through the fake news filter”.

Trump complained he has stopped gaining as many followers on social media, suggesting a conspiracy without providing any evidence.

And he praised some of the most caustic voices on the right. “Some of you guys are out there,” he told them. “I mean it’s genius, but it’s bad,” Trump said.

I am just going to assume that’s a shout-out to me. As that is the standard bit of praise I usually get.

Trump’s tweets (and retweets) after the event would be encouraging if he was a man known to ever do any of the things he tweets about doing. Of course, he is not such a man.

Sickeningly, Kevin McCarthy was there at the event. This is the guy who silenced Steve King for being misquoted by the New York Times with regard to the rights of white people to exist.

This was in no way serious.

We do not need summits. What is this supposed to do?

What we need is action. We need the social media monopolies – Google, Twitter and Facebook – to be declared “common carriers,” and thus forced by law to respect people’s constitutional rights.

Instead, the rat fink Charlie Kirk is calling for their CDA Section 230 status to be stripped (in an op-ed in the Washington Post of all places).

That obviously isn’t happening and it isn’t a good goal.

We already know what we want and what we need, and that is for these companies to be forced by the government to follow the US Constitution. But sickening shills like Charlie Kirk are putting goofy libertarian “principles” before the Constitution, and saying that we can’t ever regulate any private company.

Libertarianism is stupid and sickening, a literal retard ideology, and to see these people claim that it is more important than the US Constitution is just mind-blowing.

In other “social media summit” news, The Verge completely lost their shit:

At the White House today, amid much concern that conservative voices are being silenced by social media platforms, President Donald Trump (after a “morning of tweets [that] was off the rails, even by his standards”) stood before a group of activists to deliver a message of support. “Some of you are extraordinary,” the president said. “The crap you think of is unbelievable.”

Unfortunately, as we discussed here yesterday, the crap that conservative voices think of does not always reach the maximum possible audience. Sometimes conservatives do not appear as high as they would like to in search results. Sometimes they get suspended, or even banned. This has led to much conspiratorial thinking that liberal-leaning Silicon Valley is throttling their access in an effort to tip the scales of democracy.

Today, those conspiratorial thinkers gathered together to complain about how social platforms limit their reach, in a high-profile public event that was covered widely by much of the media.

We’re reaching levels of fake news that shouldn’t even be possible.

Claiming that social media censorship is a conspiracy theory is not a lie that is even meant to appear credible. It is a lie intended simply to shock and dazzle.

I am working on a master list of bannings from various platforms, but right off the top of my head, here are some of the people who have been banned from Twitter for their political views:

Charles Johnson
Andrew Anglin
Sargon of Akkad
Ricky Vaughn
Millennial Woes
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor
Tila Tequila
Martin Shkreli
Roger Stone
Baked Alaska
Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen
Golden Dawn
Tommy Robinson
Owen Benjamin
Mike Enoch
DCLeaks Guccifer 2.0
Gavin McInnes
Alex Jones
Matt Forney
Laura Loomer
Jacob Wohl

The combined audience of those people was significantly bigger than the combined audience of the entirety of cable news.

Alex Jones himself had triple the viewership of any single cable news program.

Imagine if the government ordered CNN, Fox News and MSNBC to be shut down, and then someone came out and said it was a “conspiracy theory” that the media was being censored.

Reading someone say this is just like

It’s impossible for the mind to process that someone would make such a claim.

The Verge attempts to justify the incredible lie by going into minutia about shadow-banning.

Shadow-banning obviously is happening. We know it is happening and the social media companies admit that it is happening.

But there is no reason to even go into that. The fact is that these companies are outright banning people whose political views they disagree with. Hair-splitting about the details of shadow-banning is simply a diversionary tactic.

The Verge did make one good point, however.

What’s less clear is what that intervention might look like. The president’s remarks on the subject barely rise above the level of gibberish. (“To me free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad,” he said today. “To me that’s very dangerous speech, and you become angry at it. But that’s not free speech.”

That is most definitely gibberish. And it almost sounds like Trump is talking about limiting speech. Though I can’t decipher it.

It is my view that nothing is going to be done about any of this.

If it had looked like the election was going to be close, maybe something would have been done about it, but the Democrats have gone completely off the rails and Trump is going to win in a no contest type victory.

For those not familiar, a “no contest” ruling can be given in a boxing match when a referee declares the match invalid because one of the fighters is not making a real effort to win (i.e., throwing the fight) or is disqualified for some other weird behavior that makes a real fight impossible. Basically, I think the Democrats might in fact be doing exactly that, because they gain so much power being an opposition party and actually have no ideas. Or maybe they’re just completely incompetent, I don’t know.

But the fact of the matter is that enforcing the First Amendment is not something that it is necessary for Trump to do to win, so I don’t see any reason why he would do anything about it. He has shown, definitively, that he has no specific interest in taking care of or in any way helping the people who elected him, so why would he do this for us?

Anyway, if you’re a glass half-full type individual, I guess it is good that we’re even having this discussion.

But it should have been had when I was banned from absolutely everything – including things that thus far, no one else has been banned from – ostensibly for making an offensive joke about a dead fat woman.

If Trump would have started having conferences when that happened, maybe the tech companies would have backed off. But now, the damage is already done. Everyone of any importance is already banned, because they knew they could get away with it without any pushback. The only situation where these people would be allowed back is one in which the government forced them to allow us to come back, which could only be done by declaring these services common carriers.

But he ain’t gonna do nuthin.

I was a fool to do his dirty work.