Trump’s Populism vs Hillary’s Big Donors

Daily Stormer
October 16, 2016


Lion Vs Snake.

The Glorious Leader is a man of the people, not some clever actor who deceives the masses while serving big business interests. He’s run his campaign on the principle that he would be self-funding, accepting donations mostly from normal people, rather than getting huge bribes from Jews.

This is in stark contrast to the queen hag, who’s never met a billionaire she wouldn’t sell out for.

Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton has at least twice as many six-figure donors as Donald Trump.

A joint fundraising account for Clinton and Democratic Party groups saw 317 who gave at least $100,000 between July and September, while a joint fundraising account for Trump and Republican Party groups counted 158 over those same three months.

Another interesting point is that while Trump has spent millions out of his own pocket in this campaign, Hillary hasn’t spent a dime that wasn’t given to her. This is in spite of the fact that she has a considerable personal fortune.

Hillary has shilled so hard for the Jews she's nearly morphed into one.

This bitch is more stingy with her money than any Jew out there.

Both presidential candidates use “victory” funds to enable generous donors to far exceed the $2,700 per-donor, per-election limit. The large donations are parceled out to the campaign, national party committees and state party groups.

Overall, the Hillary Victory Fund raised $261 million in the three-month time period while Trump Victory raised $61 million. The unconventional Republican nominee has struggled to raise money from the kinds of traditional donors who write the biggest campaign checks.

Clinton has another joint fund for big donors, while Trump has another account for his campaign and the party that’s aimed at small donors.

Trump is a populist.


The people love him!

Clinton, on the other hand, has nothing but contempt for the ordinary people who support her. In fact, her campaign routinely commits credit card fraud on her poorest donors.

Voting for her is basically appointing a wealthy cabal of unhinged Jews to the US presidency.