Trump’s New Voting Fraud Committee Met With Virulent Jewish Rage

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2017

The prospect of non-citizens voting in our elections is ridiculous.

They may draw state benefits, attend public school, drive, rent houses and do everything else citizens do (except pay taxes), but voting to keep all these illegal privileges? It has never happened even once, especially not in places like New York City or California.

But in a subtle way, Trump is renewing hope in his presidency by appointing immigration hawk Kris Kobach to check – just in case. Did I mention nobody has ever even bothered to look?

The usual Jews are up in arms about this. Why would they even bother to waste all that money comparing federal alien records to state voting rolls when we need more anti-Semitism envoys?


Kris Kobach, who as Kansas secretary of state repeatedly made unsubstantiated voter-fraud allegations, will co-chair President Donald Trump’s new Commission on Election Integrity, igniting outrage from civil rights groups and top Democrats.

Critics ridiculed the very creation of the commission Thursday, as well as Kobach’s role, saying it’s all intended to perpetuate the president’s false claim that millions voted illegally in November.

The 12-member bipartisan commission will review claims of improper registrations and voting, fraudulent registrations and voter suppression, White House officials told McClatchy. Members will provide the president with a report in 2018 and may issue recommendations to the states.

It’s a sham, charged critics.

“Putting an extremist like Mr. Kobach at the helm of this commission is akin to putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department,” charged Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

The American Civil Liberties Union called on election administrators, academics and other public servants to refuse to participate in the commission. The group also filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking information that the Trump administration had used as the basis for its voter fraud claims.

Independent fact-checkers
mocked Trump for the voter fraud allegations, saying there was no evidence. Trump’s team cited two-year-old reports that did not point to fraud even then.

What in the world are they going to find when they start combing through the records of a state like California?

San Diego Free Press:

Are you here looking for “proof” that undocumented people in California are encouraged or easily able to vote?

California does not require proof of citizenship to vote (ie birth certificate or passport), and neither do any of the other states, despite the unconstitutional efforts of Kansas, Alabama and Georgia to make that a requirement. You can read about the federal case here.

The demographics of Texas and California are actually pretty similar – the reason it’s harder for Democrats to flip the Lone Star state is there aren’t nearly as many Jews to politick and litigate in support of the kind of corruption that allows illegals and non-citizens to vote.

In a state like Nevada, discovery of widespread voter fraud could even change the result of the 2016 election (in Trump’s favor).

Trump is starting to pick-up steam after a largely impotent first 100 days. The fake news polls are manipulated, but he is losing support – and it’s not going to help if that disastrous healthcare bill isn’t significantly repaired or shot down in the Senate.

But firing Comey is reigniting briefly pacified Jewish rage, which is always a positive sign. They are trying to use this to take out Jeff Sessions (more on that to come).

But there is a Golden Rule: when you see organized Jewry come out of the sewers to complain about something, it’s because something good for whites might happen.

The rapid reaction time, with the (((ACLU))) already trying to sabotage the investigation shows that they know they’re stealing elections, but don’t want the goyim to know.

Will institutional Jewry be able to block this, like they’ve blocked so much else?