Trump’s New Non-Jewish Lawyer Attacks FBI Over Bolshevik-Style Predawn Raid!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2017

John Dowd: He might be goofy looking, but it’d be hard to find someone less Jewish looking.

Finally, The President has taken my advice and gotten a non-Jewish lawyer after his last two Jewish ones were fired for threatening other Jews (Michael Cohen threatened two Daily Beast reporters, at least one of whom was Jewish, saying “what I’m going to do to you is fucking disgusting,” and Marc Kaczowitz threatened some random Jew who emailed him implying he was a race-traitor, saying he had backtraced him and telling him “watch your back, bitch.”)

I’m not even going to say those Jew lawyers were disloyal – at least not consciously – but they sure weren’t helping with this need to threaten their own kinsmen.

Anyway, new guy is a goy, so hopefully he takes care of business.

Honestly, this predawn raid on Paul Manafort’s house shouldn’t be too hard of business to take care of.

I’m surprised they didn’t drag him out into the street in his underwear!

This is beyond the pale.

Fox News:

A top lawyer for President Trump slammed the special counsel’s office over the FBI raid of former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s Virginia home, accusing investigators of committing a “gross abuse of the judicial process” for the sake of “shock value” – and employing tactics normally seen “in Russia not America.”

Trump attorney John Dowd leveled the complaints in an email sent to a Wall Street Journal reporter who wrote about the Manafort raid. The email was obtained by Fox News.

The email reflects Trump’s legal team moving to protect the president, amid speculation that the raid could be part of a broader effort to squeeze Manafort for information on Trump.

Dowd, in his note, questioned the validity of the search warrant itself, calling it an “extraordinary invasion of privacy.” Dowd said Manafort already was looking to cooperate with congressional committees and said the special counsel never requested the materials from Manafort.

I wonder why we’re not being told who issued the warrant?

These failures by Special Counsel to exhaust less intrusive methods is a fatal flaw in the warrant process and would call for a Motion to Suppress the fruits of the search,” Dowd wrote, arguing the required “necessity” of the warrant was “misrepresented to the Court which raises a host of issues involving the accuracy of the warrant application and the supporting FBI affidavit.”

Dowd also said agents seized “privileged and confidential materials prepared for Mr. Manafort by his counsel to aid him in his cooperation with the Congressional committees,” adding:

“Thus, it appears the Search Warrant here was obtained by a gross abuse of the judicial process by the Special Counsel’s office. In addition, given the obvious unlawful deficiencies, this extraordinary invasive tool was employed for its shock value to try to intimidate Mr. Manafort and bring him to his needs. These methods are normally found and employed in Russia not America.”

Excusing that “Russia not America” part – that is technically true, but this whole “Democrats are the real Russians” thing is kinda starting to irritate me – this is intended to shock more than Manafort.

This looks like the beginning of a “Shock and Awe” military tactic at work here – an attempt to overwhelm an enemy with such bold force that they are frozen and don’t know how to respond.

I was personally shocked by this, to the point where I had to sit and think about it for 15 minutes before writing about it yesterday.

I think that Mueller may be planning to move rapidly, attach himself onto anything he can find, then immediately press for impeachment. This is connected no doubt to Trump’s deliberations over the cost-benefit of simply firing Mueller and dismissing the Sanhedrin witch hunt council in its totality.

Trump needs to take note that they are trying to move this as quickly as possible and simply shut it down.

Congress is attempting to restrict his ability to shut it down and that bill has bi-partisan support. I would have done in months ago. In fact, I would have declared martial law and started rounding up traitors and all journalists and putting them in concentration camps.

The special counsel’s office declined to comment when reached by Fox News.

It was revealed Wednesday that FBI agents had raided Manafort’s Virginia home in late July, one day after he met voluntarily with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The search warrant seems to indicate that investigators may have had reason to believe Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all of the records sought, The Washington Post reported.

Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News, said Wednesday on “Outnumbered” that the raid indicates the FBI did not trust that Manafort would preserve the materials they wanted. Further, he speculated the pressure on Manafort could ultimately be part of an effort to get to Trump.

He said the danger for the president is that the FBI will indict Manafort “for something irrelevant to the campaign and the Russians and then squeeze him for what he knows that they can use against the president.”

Thanks for that obvious observation there, buddy.

Manafort was working with the Ukrainian government (the old pro-Russian one), it’s almost impossible that he isn’t linked to some kind of crime, given the nature of that particular nation-state. They could be charging him with anything.

And this isn’t about Russia anymore. It’s a fishing expedition to find anything on Trump. They are going to start squeezing all of Trump’s people, looking for anything. Anything.

The tough note from Dowd regarding the search warrant is a departure from the tone set in recent days. Dowd earlier this week told USA Today that Trump and Mueller have sent messages “back and forth” and that Trump “appreciates” Mueller’s work.

Well, this was a gamechanger.

This predawn men-in-black-masks-kicking-in-the-door raid on a former Trump official’s home puts this into the realm of a Bolshevik-type purge.

Trump does not appear to be fully capitalizing on just how disgusted Americans are with this type of abuse of power. There is so much he could be doing right now to blow this up, and he doesn’t appear to be doing it.

Instead, he’s still talking about healthcare.

That last one he tweeted after I started this article! Nothing about Manafort!

As I’ve explained, as much as I hate Mitch McConnell, this isn’t his fault or anyone else’s other than John McCain, who purposefully voted “no” for the explicit reason of political sabotage. Period.

Anyway – who gives a shit about that right now, Mr. President?

They are kicking in doors in Bolshevik predawn raids on your people as they move to rapidly grab anything that they can use to begin impeachment proceeding!

Get in the game here, Mr. President and shut these sons of bitches DOWN!