Trump’s Map of a New Jew State

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2020

Former game show host Donald Trump has unveiled his plan for the new map of the Middle East, which features a tunnel from Gaza to Jerusalem.

It also features the Golan Heights and most of the West Bank belonging to the Jews.

He tweeted it out in both Arabic and English. Because that’s something he does now, for some reason.

If we compare this map with the original 1947 borders, then you can perhaps understand why the Palestinians are so mad.

1947 UN Borders
2020 “Trump Borders”

They lost basically all of their land.

The plan also says that the entirety of these remaining small territories are completely run by the Jews and that Arabs have no freedoms.

Now, let me say here

I’m not a shill for Palestine or their freedoms or liberties. I don’t care about that.

However, what we are doing is using American power and resources in order to support a Jew agenda. We are not acknowledging the damage that supporting this brutal Jew agenda does to our own country.

Everyone in the world is against Israel. And it certainly isn’t America’s problem what happens in Israel. We do not benefit in any way at all from helping these sickening land-stealing kikes. So we are harming ourselves, our people, our nation, in order to help the Jews in their evil plans.


Well, obviously because America is controlled by Jews.

Do you know that even way back in 1946, President Truman said he was being “held hostage” by the Jews in order to agree to the 1947 borders plan?

He didn’t see how it was good for America, but was bullied into going along with it.


Zionists launched an intense White House lobby to have the UNSCOP plan endorsed, and the effects were not trivial. The Democratic Party, a large part of whose contributions came from Jews, informed Truman that failure to live up to promises to support the Jews in Palestine would constitute a danger to the party. The defection of Jewish votes in congressional elections in 1946 had contributed to electoral losses. Truman was, according to Roger Cohen, embittered by feelings of being a hostage to the lobby and its ‘unwarranted interference’, which he blamed for the contemporary impasse. When a formal American declaration in favour of partition was given on 11 October, a public relations authority declared to the Zionist Emergency Council in a closed meeting: ‘under no circumstances should any of us believe or think we had won because of the devotion of the American Government to our cause. We had won because of the sheer pressure of political logistics that was applied by the Jewish leadership in the United States’.

The United States initially refrained from pressuring smaller states to vote either way, but Robert A. Lovett reported that America’s U.N. delegation’s case suffered impediments from high pressure by Jewish groups, and that indications existed that bribes and threats were being used, even of American sanctions against Liberia and Nicaragua. When the UNSCOP plan failed to achieve the necessary majority on 25 November, the lobby ‘moved into high gear’ and induced the President to overrule the State Department, and let wavering governments know that the U.S. strongly desired partition.

President Truman later noted, “The facts were that not only were there pressure movements around the United Nations unlike anything that had been seen there before, but that the White House, too, was subjected to a constant barrage. I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance. The persistence of a few of the extreme Zionist leaders—actuated by political motives and engaging in political threats—disturbed and annoyed me.”

I can confirm that Jews are disturbing and annoying.

Donald Trump is much less concerned about what is or is not good for America.

He appears to primarily be concerned about doing everything in his ability to forward a Jewish agenda.

This is strange, because Donald Trump, more than probably anyone on earth since Adolf Hitler, has been subjected to the bullying wrath of the Jews.

Just even as he is announcing that he is supporting the Jews in their brutal agenda, and taking on all of these risks to America and to the American people in order to help the Jews while harming America, he is being impeached by the Jews.

It is a bizarre and fascinating situation, this relationship between Trump and the Jews.

I wish that people other than myself and a few others were skeptical about it.

We should not be hostage to these Jews, and we should not be ruled by a president who would sell us into servitude to these Jews.

I thought we were going to put America First, Donald?