Trump’s Lawyer Sues Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed Over “Pissgate” Dossier

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

May the gods help this Jew take down Buzzfeed.

It’s about time someone sued Buzzfeed and Fusion GPS over the ridiculous and clearly slanderous #Pissgate dossier. Surprisingly, the first one to do so is a Jew.

I can only hope the charges are enlarged to attack Buzzfeed over their insane SJW drivel and fake news.


Michael Cohen, then longtime attorney for President Donald Trump attorney filed two defamation lawsuits Tuesday evening against research firm Fusion GPS and BuzzFeed.

The Fusion GPS lawsuit, which was filed at a federal court level, seeks $100 million in damages. A separate amount in damages for the BuzzFeed lawsuit, which was filed at the state court level, will be determined at trial, according to court documents obtained by POLITICO.

Buzzfeed is close to the top of the list of the worst sites on the internet. Having them destroyed, Gawker-style, would definitely make the world a better place.

These people need to suffer.

Fusion GPS commissioned the so-called Steele dossier, a controversial compilation of alleged ties between Trump and Russia. Compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British spy, the dossier has since been a focus of congressional probes investigating whether Russia interfered with the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

The dossier also detailed how Trump paid Russian hookers to engage in a urine-related sex act on the same bed that Obama had slept in years earlier. That’s in there. It’s a ridiculous fanfic-type document created entirely to set up this stupid Russian investigation hoax after the Democrats got BTFO in the election.

A transcript of the interview with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson by the Senate Judiciary Committee last summer was published on Tuesday. Simpson told congressional leaders that the FBI found the dossier credible because an undisclosed “human source” associated with Trump had offered the bureau corroborating information.

BuzzFeed published the dossier in January 2017, noting that the allegations were unverified and the report contained errors.

“Hey, it might not be true, but I heard that X is a child-rapist.”

I see what you did there, Buzzfeed.


The dossier claims that Cohen met with Russian operatives somewhere in Europe, including Prague, to attend a meeting to “clean up the mess” created by public disclosures of other Trump associates’ reported ties to Russia.

Cohen “sustained significant financial and reputational damages” due to the publication of the dossier on BuzzFeed’s website, according to court documents in the BuzzFeed lawsuit. In addition, Cohen claims he was subjected to at least two separate Congressional investigations, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, due to the dossier being published.

So the Jew isn’t actually suing them on behalf of Trump, his client, who obviously suffered far greater defamation than him, but only for himself.

Really makes you think.

Oh well. All that matters is that more light is shed on this travesty, in order to keep the public outrage high.

And also, to make the people at Buzzfeed suffer.