Trump’s Jew Ex-Lawyer Literally Campaigning for Democrats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018

Remember when Jews were like “we’d better be careful how we cover Cohen, because we don’t want the goyim to think that Jews are betrayers and backstabbers.”

I remember that.

But I guess the Jews forgot about that, because now they have Cohen out there literally campaigning for Democrats.

Beyond the Jewish thing, I don’t even see how this happens.

“Let’s have that guy who was a trusted confidant of Trump and then betrayed him to get a lowered sentence on his tax fraud swindle go out and campaign for us.”

How does anyone come up with that?

“We’re the party of traitors – vote for us.”

And unlike Hillary, where it’s possible they just literally have no ability to control the bitch, this campaign of Cohen’s is being directly orchestrated by his own Jew lawyer Lanny Davis, a fully-connected Democratic operative.

So this isn’t some accident, but a planned maneuver coming from party leadership.

Are these people insane?

What are they doing?