Trump’s “Immigration Ban” is Totally Fake, Jew Media Still Acts Like He Just Fired Up the Gas Chamber

The Jewish media believes that disallowing any brown person on earth from having direct access to white people is very similar to when Adolf Hitler turned millions of them into lampshades.

If even one single brown person is delayed from getting up close and personal with white people, it is a crime against humanity of the highest order, and results in trumpets sounding.

Donald Trump’s executive order to ban immigration doesn’t ban immigration. In fact, it barely touches it, and all of these things it does do were already done, because the employees at the State Department are too scared of the flu to work, and thus are not processing visas.

But the chance exists that some brown person could be delayed in exercising his human right to access white people, and thus the Jew media is claiming it is an outrage.


President Donald Trump signed his anticipated executive order barring some immigration to the United States on Wednesday evening, nearly 48 hours after announcing the move on Twitter.

While the order falls short of an outright ban on legal immigration to the US, as Trump initially suggested, it stands to affect thousands of people overseas seeking to come to the country.

Administration officials scrambled in recent days to finalize the executive order, which was still being fleshed out when Trump tweeted about it late Monday. Even before Trump provided more specific details about his move, his reelection campaign and allies were already touting and defending the executive order, reflecting the order’s political underpinnings.

Trump said the order is needed to protect American jobs.

“This order will ensure that unemployed Americans of all backgrounds will be first in line for jobs as our economy reopens,” Trump said at the White House Wednesday. “Crucially, we’ll also preserve our health care resources for American patients. We have to take care of our patients, we have to take care of our great American workers. And that’s what we’re doing.”

Who does the executive order include?

People outside of the United States seeking to legally migrate to the US, with some exceptions. The Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, estimates that the order would block around 26,000 green cards monthly or 52,000 over the 60-day period it’s in effect.

It’s important to note, though, that the pandemic has already largely cut off immigration to the United States: countries have put border restrictions in place, visa services have been suspended, and refugee admissions are on pause, among other changes.

Who’s exempt?

The order doesn’t apply to spouses and minor children of US citizens; health care professionals; any member of the US Armed Forces and their spouses and children; and anyone entering for law enforcement or national security reasons.

It also doesn’t apply to investor visas and special immigrant visas for Iraqi and Afghan nationals who’ve worked for the US government

The New York Times Jews are simply outraged this morning that Donald Trump thinks he has any right at all to prevent any single brown person from getting up in our faces and making material demands.

The op-ed by Jennifer M. Chacón and Erwin Chemerinsky (both of whom appear to be Jewish) says that Trump is violating the law by blocking any immigration. That obviously isn’t true, but imagine the New York Times Jews, who were the driving force behind completely abolishing the Constitution because of the flu, talking about the law.

There are quite a few gems in this piece. I’ll pull the best bits.

It’s good for the economy (supply of workers does not affect job demand):

  • “Among other things, it may discourage international students from enrolling in American universities this fall, and otherwise signal “keep out” to visitors who would actually boost the economy.”
  • “The answer to the crushing domestic unemployment crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak is clearly not going to be found in a ban on these immigrants.”
  • “Keeping them out will not create jobs for displaced workers.”
  • “Critical industries — including the overwhelmed medical industry — will lose out on vitally needed expertise just when it is needed most.”
  • “In fact, immigrants have a long track record of creating jobs for American workers through innovative business creation. Banning immigration is so overbroad as to be clearly unreasonable, and it is far more likely to kill jobs than to create them.”

Oh my God so sad:

  • “On the other hand, the ban would cause enormous hardships for those who have been granted immigrant visas. Denial of green cards could keep parents and children and other family members from being together.”
  • “This latest order will not improve the depressed employment market, so it is pointless as a job protection measure. But it will have a devastating effect on the families of banned immigrants.”

They are not going to possibly be able to keep saying that immigration doesn’t affect unemployment.

We are facing the biggest jobs crisis in all of human history. I’m talking about going and starting from the hunter-gatherer period, when everyone had jobs. There have been ups and downs since then, but this will by far be the worst.

I simply do not believe that the Jews are going to be able to continue on with this claim that we have a moral duty to be flooded with immigrants. They are going to try it, but it is going to make the anger over immigration worse. I think you are going to see pogroms.

This new morality that was invented by the Jews and big business to justify the ethnic cleansing of America was never coherent. It simply doesn’t make sense that because of slavery and the Holocaust, we do not have a right to our own countries. The reason that this was embraced is that people were very well off, and they could afford to be decadent.

The people that embraced the theory that all brown people on earth deserve direct and immediate access to white people because of supposed historical injustices were the most well off people in society. It is not working class morality, it is elite morality, and it was embraced so that these people could feel superior to the working class. Basically, calling someone a “racist” is the equivalent to calling someone a peasant. You are familiar with the tropes about “buck-toothed inbred trailer people” being against mass immigration.

Antifa are the children of the nation’s richest.
The son of Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, was arrested for rioting with antifa.
This is not a “worker.”

The underlying reasoning was that those who embrace the liberal ideology of the ethnic replacement of whites were morally superior, and this was a case of the rich buying moral superiority, because it is only people who live in very nice neighborhoods that can put signs in their yards welcoming immigrants.

A yard the size of a golf course can hold a lot of moral grandstanding.

You notice that most of these people who push mass immigration don’t really talk much about the immigrants. Instead they talk almost exclusively about the people that are against the immigrants. And this is why: their entire purpose for supporting the immigrants is to flaunt their superior social status.

We are now entering into a time when there will not be a place for this kind of moral grandstanding, of condemning others as pure evil and celebrating yourself as pure goodness. People are going to be struggling to survive. Even the rich are going to be in a constant state of panic, worried that the dollar will collapse, or that the peasants will riot against them. Certainly, those among the middle classes who embraced the bourgeoisie morals of anti-racism in an attempt to raise their own social status will no longer be able to afford to play this stupid little game.

The bottom is going to fall out on the support for this Jewish immigration agenda. In fact, it in large part already has, and people don’t yet even have any idea how bad this is about to be.

I don’t know how hard the Jews are going to continue to push it, but I do know for an absolute fact that people who do not have jobs, and are worried about losing their home, worried about where their next meal is going to come from, are not going to trust the Jews that somehow mass brown immigration will lessen unemployment.

There’s going to have to be a narrative shift. The media going out there and telling people they’re evil racist white oppressors when they’re living on the streets is not feasible.

We’re going to have a lot of opportunity in this time of crisis to change the face of America. I advise all of you to get ready. Forget about the flu, and do not associate with people who are pushing the flu hoax narrative. The alleged right-wingers pushing the flu hoax are pushing total trust in the Jew government, they are pushing mandatory vaccines, they are pushing for an abolishment of the Constitution. I don’t know if these people are just that scared of the flu, or if they’re all feds doing counterintelligence (it’s probably some combination), but what I do know is that anyone in that mindset is not going to be able to seize any of the opportunities we have to change the system.

They are doubling down on the system, calling for it to be given more power than it has ever had before. They cannot possibly push for any change at all from that position.

Among all the bad that is happening and is going to happen, this situation does truly present us with the greatest opportunity in history to get people on our side, in support of defending white people and addressing the Jewish problem. This is an opportunity we must seize.