Trump’s Hand Shakes When Lifting Glass of Water – Diet Coke Poisoned by Ivanka?

There’s been a long-running theory that Ivanka Trump is slipping poison into Donald Trump’s Diet Coke, in order to make him more pliable.

A recent clip from that faggot Aaron Rupar – who literally clips Trump speeches for a living, and is thereby known to every person on the internet – shows the Big Man’s hand shaking while he’s lifting a glass of water.

This took place at a speech he gave at West Point on Saturday.

Here’s the full speech.

I didn’t watch it, but I don’t think it is possible that it is very good, given the crowd, which was socially distanced. One thing I’ve learned from watching five years of Trump speeches is that the energy of the crowd really affects his presentation. It’s why his best speeches were the big rally speeches just before the election.

The black riots did not end social distancing for whites. It’s just the blacks that don’t have to do it anymore. So I guess if you believe everything the media says – coronavirus is deadly, social distancing save lives, but the blacks get an exemption – then the media is trying to exterminate the blacks!

You can’t have good energy while social distancing. Which is why they’re implementing it in the first place. It’s designed to mess with your brain, screw up your emotions, confuse reality and make you responsive to media suggestion. Human beings are extremely social mammals, you see. Like dogs.

I guarantee that before this social distancing thing was introduced to the public, they tried it on dogs. And on apes, who are also social.

They equipped the test animals with some type of device that would give them a shock if they got closer than 6 feet to another animal and measured changes to their brains and of course in their behavior. I’m virtually certain if you did the research, you could find a test where they did this on humans as well.

So they knew what to expect.

Here’s a Berkeley study saying that “touch is fundamental to human communication, bonding and health.” Imagine a graduation where you can’t slap your buddies on the back. You can’t even smile at each other from the the six foot mark because you’re wearing masks. This is an anti-human program of mass torture.

You can no longer argue that this isn’t the purpose of the thing, because everyone knows the virus does nothing and the distancing doesn’t prevent transmission anyway. They are doing this on purpose to hurt us, just like they collapsed the economy to hurt us. This is a gigantic, malicious conspiracy, and I’m never going to forget the people who promoted this hoax to the right wing and neither should you. If these people weren’t bad actors trying to hurt you, they would have apologized by now, and none of them have.

Because social behavior involves all five of our senses, as is a basic human need, cutting that off like they’ve done causes varying degrees of psychosis. We now know that this was implemented to butter us up for this program where we worship black people.

We’re already worshiping black people though, and this is still happening, so on we go. I don’t think anything is ever going to go back to normal on the virus front. The way we capitulated, with even right-wingers acting like itty bitty faggots, the way we gave up all of our freedoms.

I think this is the first speech Trump has given in front of social distancers, which actually makes me want to watch the speech. Plus I want to know if the shaking was connected to anything else weird. He’s never smoked or drank and he isn’t obese, so I think all things being equal, he should have his faculties until 75. If he’s getting the shakes… that could well be foul play.

And I have a hunch that if there were foul play, it would quite probably be connected to the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories being forwarded by the likes of