Trump’s Former Jew Predicts Trump’s Children to be Indicted After Trump’s Current Jew Indicted

Donald Trump was effectively at war with the Jews throughout his campaign and then through his four years in the White House. For whichever reason, he was also surrounded by backstabbing Jews he apparently thought were his friends. No one understands this arrangement other than him.

One of Trump’s current Jews, Allen Weisselberg AKA Allen Mound of Weasels, was just indicted.

Trump’s former Jew, Michael Cohen, has spent several years stabbing him in the back after having betrayed him in the standard Jew fashion. He appeared on CNN “Newsroom” this week to continue to shove knives in the orange man’s back, and predict that Trump’s children will be the next to be indicted as part of an ongoing investigation of the Trump Organization by Manhattan prosecutors.

Host Alisyn Camerota pontificated: “There were other people mentions, other employees, and it sounded like it goes beyond Allen Weisselberg. You think this is bigger than Allen Weisselberg. Who do you think is next to be indicted?”

The Jew Cohen replied: “Well, I think [Trump bodyguard!] Matthew Calamari is on the chopping block as well. He received the same type of perks. He received the same perks and benefits that Allen Weisselberg received. On top of that, I also believe there are other members of the Trump Organization, including the children, who are next to come up onto these indictments.”

“You don’t mean Allen Weisselberg’s children. You mean Eric and Don Junior and Ivanka?”


“What do you think they would be indicted for?”

“Again, their participation in different aspects of the company and how they ended up booking things for tax purposes, the benefits they took and received. Again, I don’t want people to think that this case is about Allen Weisselberg and an apartment and a free car and so on. It is substantially larger in scope than just that aspect. That is but the tip. That’s the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that’s going to be coming.”

Gorilla Mindset in action: Based boomer Matthew Calamari rolls deep and crushes vag

Honestly, no one even understands what these people are being investigated for, or in Weisslberg’s case, charged with. They are vague accusations of financial impropriety.

What it obviously looks like is that they are swarming Trump’s closest people and trying to get them to flip and turn state’s evidence to testify against Trump.

I spent a very long time aggressively predicting Trump would be put in prison if he allowed the Jews to steal the election from him. That said, when the election was so blatantly stolen, and then he started talking about “I’m going to run again in 2024 lol,” I was forced to take a step back and reevaluate.

Pictured: Me, recalibrating

Firstly, I don’t think anyone had any idea of the sheer numbers of people who would turn out for Trump, which is why they had to shut down the vote count in all of those swing states at 3 AM and bring in all those new ballots.

I predicted (wrongly) that the fix would be in via the mail-in ballot scam, which gave Biden at least an extra ten million votes. When that wasn’t enough, they weren’t simply going to let Trump win, so they rustled up millions more ballots – right in front of everyone. We all witnessed this. It happened right on TV. These people were saying “oh well, the counters are feeling tired, so they need to take a rest.”

Furthermore, the banning of Trump from social media as a result of the FBI’s staged “insurrection” hoax resulted in Trump being banned from everything, which really neutralized him.

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What he is doing now, going around and giving hope to all of these hopeless people with this delusion that after taking total control of the entire government through fraud, the Democrats are going to allow him to win an election, is obviously very helpful for the establishment. If the 75 million Trump supporters didn’t have that hope, they would probably be taking more extreme measures. For one thing, state secession would be on the table.

For another thing, it could well turn into party time. You’ve never seen white people do terrorism before, but if they actually started doing it, it could be a major problem, especially given that normie Republicans are not stupid and anti-social enough to do terrorism by shooting a bunch of old people in a synagogue, and would likely hit totally non-sympathetic targets, a la Oklahoma City, and thereby radicalize many and gain the sympathy of most (disavow, etc., etc. – I’m just stating a fact).

So if I were the Democrats, I would not interrupt Trump in the middle of helping me out by pacifying his own supporters with a load of ridiculous nonsense.

That said: I don’t think these people are logical. I think they are going full Bolshevism. I think they think they can pacify 75 million people using threats, secret arrests, special political prisons and mass censorship.

The thing is: I don’t see any implication of the investigation and indictments of Trump’s closest people other than that they are planning to go after Trump.

If that is the plan, then they are obviously foreseeing actual organic terrorism (rather than the fake terrorism a la the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax or these things where they convince retards to do mass shootings by riling them up in chatrooms), and think they can handle it.

You know what? Whatever.

I am so sick of all of this.

It’s just stupid and exhausting.