Trump’s Closing Midterm Message: Kavanaugh and Caravans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2018

Trump is skipping a message on the tax cuts – which were his biggest legislative achievement – and instead talking about Kavanaugh and the caravans.

As well as “jobs not mobs.”

This is a good move, clearly.

The midterms are not like the Presidential election years.

Voter turnout in Presidential elections is 60% on average. In midterms, it’s 40%. It is obviously going to be higher than that this year, but he still has to appeal mainly to the base. And the base cares mainly about what he won on, which was immigration.

Secondarily, this Kavanaugh thing really turned people on. The whole spectacle was so disgusting and wrong, it both made people angry and made them afraid of what exactly these people will do when they’re in power.

And the violent street mobs… I don’t even think normie Democrats are into all that.

Maybe they are. Hillary is.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the upcoming midterms.

The Senate no one is especially even worried about. RealClearPolitics always lies (or they are just basing things on lying polls, whatever), and their House numbers are pretty favorable (considering the lying). And this is something they’ve slowly been moving our way for the last month.

If we were to vote today, I think we would win. A lot can happen in 2 weeks, and things that have been happening have generally not been good for Democrats.

But it is very, very important that you vote and get everyone you know to vote. Don’t forget that. Take the day off of work or school and spend it driving people to the polls. Just be a taxi. It is illegal to bribe people to vote of course, but if they’re your friends and family, there’s no reason you can’t buy them lunch at the drive-thru of their choice.

Don’t trust people to go vote. A lot of them will say they’re going to do it and then not go. Just text them and say “I’m going to pick you up at such and such a time.” Text them all the night before and ask them what time they want to go, then create a schedule.

Here’s Trump’s Friday night rally in Arizona.