Trump’s Advice for Nick Bosa is “Always Stay True to Yourself,” But Does He Follow His Own Advice?

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2019

Something about Trump telling people to always stay true to themselves in the context of his failing presidency and constant catering to Israel feels very problematic.

Daily Mail:

Donald Trump has congratulated number two draft pick Nick Bosa while urging him to ‘always stay true to yourself’ after the rising star apologized for calling NFL kneeler Colin Kaepernick a ‘clown’.

The 21-year-old Ohio State pass rusher was the 49ers’ second overall pick during the 2019 NFL Draft on Thursday. He has shown support for the president in the past and has a history of tweeting negative statements about black pop culture icons and entertainment properties.

Among Bosa’s deleted tweets were statements in which he called activist and former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a ‘clown,’ wrote NBA star Dwyane Wade ‘looks like a parrot fish’ and noted that Black Panther was the ‘worst Marvel movie.’ 

He also tweeted that ‘Beyonce’s music is complete trash’ in 2016, just six days after she released her album Lemonade, featuring the politically-charged song Formation. Earlier in the year, Beyonce had faced criticism for wearing a Black Panther-inspired outfit and performing Formation during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Yeah, so the man tweeted some truths, whatever.

What I’d like to know instead is if Donald Trump follows his own advice, because if he does, then the current state of his presidency is even more problematic than what we thought.

Is Trump staying true to himself by not doing anything for the American people while boasting about making factories for foreigners?

Is Trump staying true to himself by letting Jews mutilate his grandson’s penis and suck on it while it bleeds?

Is Trump staying true to himself by not building the wall he promised to the people that voted for him?

Is he staying true to himself by doing everything for Israel?

If Trump follows his own advice and he stays true to himself, then he’s a liar and a traitor. Just like the Jews he surrounds himself with.

If he doesn’t follow his own advice, then he’s a hypocrite or just a senile old-timer.

It’s unlikely that he will fix his presidency even if he wanted to because he already ran out of time… but why is he even tweeting about all of this bullshit he tweets about?

Who the fuck cares if the economy grows while demographics keep turning browner? Should we be cheerful at the thought of all of these goblins inheriting our economy after our people disappear because the man that promised us a wall couldn’t manage to lay bricks on top of each other?

Should we be masturbating ourselves with GDP and other meaningless numbers while the numbers that really matter — our numbers —  keep decreasing?

What kind of sovereignty does a country that can’t keep goblin hordes out have?

Everything he tweets and retweets sounds like a sick joke at this point.

But hey, at least the GDP is doing pretty well.

How that translates into objective improvements to the situation of real Americans despite the United States experiencing a demographic change of historical proportions was never answered and it won’t ever be.

But Bezos is happy in his spaceship made of thousand dollar bills he got from delivering flip flops and boxes of plastic tubes to Guatemalan asylum seekers who don’t even speak spanish.

Potatrump appears to feel at home giving cookie-cutter life advice and tweeting about things that don’t really matter.

Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump gave life advice to the children of the White House staff and the reporters who cover him on Thursday afternoon, telling them: ‘Never take drugs, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, enjoy your life.’

Maybe this is what he should dedicate his time to.

Maybe he should leave the presidency to someone who actually cares about the American people.